620 W 171st St
New York, NY 10032-3101

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I have heard from neighbors there are several reports of bed bugs in the building. I have never received any notice from BLDG Management Company stating this. One would have hoped they would have sent out a notice informing everyone and providing instructions on what to do to protect against the bugs. When we moved in they mentioned they were taking one tenant to court because he would not let exterminators come in. I do not know the results of the court case.

I have had two bouts of infestation already, one in March (exterminations on April 1st and April 22nd) and the second in June (extermination on June 22nd). Several of my neighbors have had infestations as well. The first was definitely worse than the second, but this recurrence was despite my doing everything in my power to clean up and prevent an infestation.

Bedbug infestation in the floor panels, which remained despite 3 rounds of extermination.

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