527 W 48th St
Manhattan, NY 10036-1123

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About a month (Mid-April 2011) ago I began to notice bites on my legs and feet. Then I started to notice the bugs on my white comforter. The apt was treated by an exterminator called "Green Earth Pest Control" from New Jersey. Now, a month later, I'm getting bit WORSE THAN EVER before with enormous welts across my back, legs, feet, chest etc. I suggested the unit next door be checked and sure enough, they exterminators found an infestation there as well. Now (May 27th 2011), I hope that our land

lord has the unit above and below ALSO checked because I just realized I have an enormous rash of bites that is new going across my back. Its disgusting and this is a nightmare. I dont feel comfortable staying here until the infestation in the building has been gotten under control.

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