657 10th Ave
New York, NY 10036-2905

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We moved into this building in July 2015 and the day before we signed our lease the landlord informed us had "previously" been a bed bug issue and that it was taken care of and as a precaution our unit was treated since it was vacant, anyway. We decided to follow through with the lease signing since we had been so far in the process and loved the neighborhood. However, about 3 weeks into living in the building we started finding bed bugs. It turns out that a unit downstairs (unit 3) has been inf

ested for a VERY long time and the landlord is unable to access the unit to provide treatment for the bed bugs, and their other "issues". Additionally, the landlord claims they are in litigation with these tenants and it seems there is no eviction or end in sight. The tenants across the hall from us moved. We have endured 3 months of bed bugs, exterminators, caulking and sealing, missing time from work for appointments, loss of property, anxiety, serious skin reactions and LIVING OUT OF TRASH BAGS FOR 3 MONTHS. We have isolated ourselves as we are now "lepers" with bugs and not even our family will step foot into our home. Every time we think they are gone, we find a couple more days later. I am writing this in hopes others will find this and heed caution when moving into this building. Had the landlord properly informed us this was a current infestation directly above us, we would have NEVER moved into this building. This issue will never be resolved in our time living here. We have lost 10,000 dollars in moving expenses and spent 4,000 in brand new furniture that we will inevitably discard when we leave here. Not to mention the toll it has taken on our relationship and mental/physical health. We will never be the same after this. After 3 months of being accommodating with exterminators and the landlord we have called 311 and will be pursuing legal recourse!!!! 657 10th Ave has RUINED OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!

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