325 W 45th St
New York, NY 10036-3803

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My neighbor has bed bugs. Its simply disguising. This place has had them and probably will always have them. Its old and not well managed. The office staff simply don't care. They act like they do but they don't.

Yet Another bed bug discovery has happened here.

I think this site is useless. Bedbugs have likely infested every apartment building in New York and hotel. This is a fact of life. You need to learn what to look for and learn how to protect yourself when you return from traveling.

Having had bed bugs in the past and needed to treat and toss most of my items I was upset when I found out there was an outbreak of bed bugs in the building after I had just moved in. However after seeing what this buildings management are doing to address this pro

blem I am quite pleased. They are not in the stone age denial that occurred in my last building. The Whitby building provides free regular inspections specifically for bed bugs and when a positive result is found surrounding apartments are tested to contain the outbreaks. Everything is handled professionally and quickly. Each apartment is checked prior to rental or sale. Common areas are tested monthly. If you think you can find a bed bug free building in new york you are fooling yourselves folks. I highly doubt I could find another building to live in that is willing to address this as openly, is not turning a blind eye to the problem and is going above and beyond to monitor and address this issue. Shame on anyone for complaining about this building. I feel so lucky to have moved into this building. If they acted the same as my last apartment I would have had a nervous breakdown. They are doing everything they can to protect me. My last apartment building could've cared less. If you want to live in a building that has bed bugs and doesn't care I will be happy to provide the contact for the rental office of my old building.

Before anyone rents or buys they should find out what the buildings treatment plan for bedbugs are. If they tell you it's the same as roaches or rats and they just have an exterminator come in or that they haven't had a problem with bed bugs, they are still in the dark and you should move on.

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Bedbugs have been found in this building and in many apartments. They were found about 3 weeks ago in apartments on every floor. The building has been cooperative and has bombed the apartments twice already; however this is the third week and the infestation remains. At this point, my daughter has nowhere to live, her life has been turned upside down, her belongings have been ruined, she had to throw out so much. Someone has to take responsibility for this.

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