163 E 92nd St
New York, NY 10128-2401

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Date: 7/12/11- My boyfriend was getting bitten all over his body in different lines and locations. He thought it was just "summertime bugs" because I hadn't started to get bitten yet. A couple of days later, I began to get bitten a few times a night, in various lines. I knew it was bed bugs and my suspicion was confirmed when we saw a baby bed bug crawling on our wall. We put it into a tupperware container and waited to see if we got any more bites that night. We also saw bed bugs crawling out o

f a crack in the wall which means they're living inside the walls. I ended up receiving a few more bites that night, so we decided to call our management company, Gatsby. Gatsby is the worst property management company in all of NYC. We scheduled a time a WEEK later for the exterminators to come in. The exterminator came in for the first time this afternoon and we were told that the apartments all around us (floors above, below, everywhere) were INUNDATED with bed bugs. We have YET to hear from Gatsby on this issue and were NEVER informed that the bed bugs existed so we could take precautionary measures. The exterminator investigated all of our bedrooms and told us that bed bugs were everywhere inside our box spring as well as flooding our roommates bed and box spring. We still have YET to hear from Gatsby warning us about the building being infested with bed bugs. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING AS YOU WILL HAVE A HORRIBLE PROPERTY MANAGER AND HAVE NO IDEA WHEN YOU HAVE BED BUGS NESTING/LIVING/EATING YOU ALIVE!

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They are coming out of the walls everywhere don't know what to do

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