153 E 96th St
New York, NY 10128-2628

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Towards the beginning of Sept. we found we were being bitten by something and assumed it was mosqitoes. In October we found our first bedbugs. Our bed and the area around seems to be heavily infested (we've taken to sleeping on a pullout couch in the living room).

I'm quite bewildered as to what to do: whether to take a DYI approach (bombing the bedroom) or ask the landlord to provide an exterminator.

It was both somehow comforting (misery loves company?) and dismaying to learn that a neig

hbor in the building also had a problem with bedbugs. We've been at wits end trying to figure out how we managed to bring them into our home... perhaps the just wandered in on their own.

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I had bedbug bites back in October 2009 and had my apartment fumigated twice to ensure they were gone. Now, short of a year later, I started having bites again and sprayed my apartment and then found at least 20 dead ones of all sizes. So, the pest control has come back to fumigate again and will do the second round on Oct. 4th. I just noticed that the building where I buy my groceries is listed as infected (Associated on 96th and Lexington). No longer shopping there!

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