338 E 92nd St, Apt 31
New York, NY 10128-5402

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Just an FYI--there is another listing for this building. Bedbugs were in it in Spring 2008. (I lived there then.) Other tenants told me that they had had bedbugs the previous year (2007), and one exterminator told me there has been an infestation building-wide at one point. So the problem did not start in 2009.

When we first moved into the apartment July 1, 2009, we soon noticed we were getting bites that resembled bed bug bites. We reported it to the building management office and they brought an exterminator in to assess, but since no actual bed bug samples could be found our case was dismissed as mosquito bites even though we insisted that the bites resembled those of bed bugs. The flares subsided as soon as the weather got cold, and once the weather got warm again in March 2010 the flares came bac

k stronger than ever.

We found 2 bed bug samples and reported the problem again to the management office. Exterminators came and confirmed there was a bed bug infestation that was brought in the summer of 2009 by another tenant. Throughout the entire process the management company was slow and not as helpful as we would have liked. They only started really helping when the rest of the apartments in our wing of the building were reporting problems as well.

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