67 93rd St
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Located 2 separate bedbugs in 2 different rooms of apartment across a span of 4 months, immediately reported the first finding to landlord nothing at all was done just a letter about preparing for treatment which was an impossible list. They had been fortunate in knowing they hadn't traveled, self informed by lots of research on CDC website, a pipe burst in the building, another apartment was being renovated over the entire summer so I was unable to stay in the building, none of us had bites but

we obviously could not stay. Only when others reported it, which I knew did not have as keen an eye or would normally be found until infestation but as a phobiac, I can see a bug in the dark. The first finding came out in the day onher white couches and seemed starving. 90% isopropyl alcohol killed it and I placed it in a bag for evidence. The next was on a slipper(a hand knit child's slipper) in a drawer with entirely clean clothing. It was a completely smaller size in the gestational period and was also clearly coming from another apartment as still no bites, it too was starving to be so bold and out for us to see before sun set. until that point, I'd never even seen a roach as we gut any apartment we consider. I know she treated some of the building but not mine and I was patient and kind. In return, a fire ensued in the building and not only did the person in that apartment report to local agencies but her legislative offices too and fortunately me. Last I spoke to her not only had a fire occurred in her apartment from the pipe that had burst earlier and soaked her apartment causing black mold in an adajent apartment. Her dog was badly burned in that fire and I feel so badly for her! It doesn't end here. While she lost many items to the fire, the landlord is throwing away her items entering the apartment while that young girl waits for it to be treated. Not only has she endured all of that, but instead of compensation she was offered three months of storage to move out. So she is still untreated. I will be going to court on her behalf and I will report any changes.

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