1060 41st St
Brooklyn, NY 11219-1203

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When asking them about infestations upon moving in, they said there were none. Three weeks after I had moved in, there was a tenant (1 of 5) that reported there were bedbugs in her room and she moved into the kitchen with her belongings. She had numerous visible bites on her extremities. My Subletter then told me they had an ongoing problem and all the tenants were getting bit, then went further to blame me for bringing them into the house, yet I had not been bit in my room. When I asked for an

extermination service at my insistence, it took them two weeks to get one. All the while, the girl slept in the kitchen, and the Subletter continued to look for ways to deal with them without having to call the service. I was there for one more month before I moved, I thoughttrue bugs were gone, but it was then that I started to get bitten again. I wouldn't suggest it, if the Subletter and landlord know what's going on, lie about it just so they can get your money, then don't even bother to deal with the problem properly, stay away!

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