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We just moved in early April to Apt A4 from out of state. A little over a week ago (early July) our daughters started waking up with bite marks, which we thought were mosquitos. But then we started waking up with bite marks. I searched and searched the apartment for a few days and found no signs of anything until yesterday (July 17) when I found a bedbug body shedding. Then today (July 18) we've found 5 live bugs. One in the bathroom floor and the rest in my daughters bed.

I told the super ab

out this yesterday and he said they should have an exterminator coming tomorrow to do an inspection. I have all the specimens I found on packing tape. This is the most terrible situation I've ever been in. All four of us are completely bitten up and I can't sleep. (It's not 4am and I'm terrified to go to bed)

I will update with the results of the treatment they decide to do.

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I moved into an apt that clearly wasn't ready to be moved into. Upon a week we saw at least three bedbugs. Had to repack everything once we had started to unpack to have an exterminator come and spray twice. About two months went by and we were still getting bit but could not find any bugs. About a week went by and we finally saw FIVE bugs in the span of a weekend. Three in one bedroom one crawling on a a laundry bag of clean clothes, one in an empty dresser drawer (never put clothes back in dra

wers after the extermination because I was still skeptical about them being completely gone) and one behind the dresser. Another bug was found in the 2nd bedroom on top of the spare futon. And the last bug was found on the kitchen floor. We're exhausted of having to go through this over and over, not to mention all the work and money that goes into preparing for the exterminators! I am 9 months pregnant and should NOT be going through this. My babies room was 85% done and now everything is in bags once again after being treated in the $350 PackTite we had to go out and buy! The "wonderful" exterminators are coming once again to treat the apt. At this point I don't see any other option but to start looking to move out. I am due in less than a month and I will not bring an infant into this situation. I have nothing set up as we had to go out an put all of the baby's things in storage after being told by the exterminator to open up the unopened boxes of baby shower gifts (his bouncer, stroller, car seat, bassinet, etc) to prevent any bugs from getting into the cardboard and laying eggs. We can not continue to live uncomfortably in our homes the entire building needs to be treated for this issue not unit per unit as bugs are seen. (Dates: March/June 2012)

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...meant to add, all this is conditional on your pest being correctly identified as a bed bug, not some other insect that people commonly mis-identify, such as baby roaches.

Last poster: Experts advise that bed bugs in the bathroom are an indication that they are migrating into your apartment from adjacent units (see P 25 of this guide www.nysipm.cornell.edu/publications/bb_guidelines/files/bb_guidelines_prevent.pdf ) This is something that might help you have a discussion with your landlord, if he seems reasonable.

I seen a single bedbug on my couch in early feb of this year and another one on my bedroom wall. An exterminator was called and the apartment was sprayed. About two weeks later I saw another one on a book in the living room, again the apartment was sprayed, all clothing was washed, and other items were heat treated, I also sealed every crack I could find (there are so many in this apartment). Today (4-14-12) I found another one upside down in the bathroom floor trying to turn over. I don't know

what else to do.

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I got the bed bugs, I got confirmation from a pest control company.
Getting the apartment treated on Tuesday.
I will inform neighbors too

I have seen a lot of furniture being thrown out lately in the neighborhood, on my block and in front of my building. Of these furniture items, there have been an unusual amount of mattresses with visibly noticeable signs of "tell Tale" bed bug activity, such as really dark spots in the corners and edges of these mattresses. Many of these mattresses are just thrown out onto the street with no protective wrap and are also not marked to indicate the presence of bed bugs(if you look at the mattresse

s though you can clearly see/tell that there are very visible signs of bed bug infestation). This apartment is really old and not in good shape as the floors have many gaping cracks and holes which are not sealed. I have been so skeeved out lately from all the reports of bedbugs, that I have been checking everything. I am really afraid of bugs and rodents in general and have went as far as to put down several glue traps through out the apartment. A few days ago I saw what appears to be a bed bug stuck to one of the glue traps in my living room, which was placed right next to the wall. I literally flipped out and have no idea what to do. I have started to research ways to get rid of these creatures, and am considering informing the landlord. I am sure that this is not the only apartment as I have noticed countless mattresses and couches on the curb. I am so worried that this will not be the last time I see one of those pesky and vile creatures.

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