921 Washington Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225-1009

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Still dealing with bedbugs in several apartments. Management uses an exterminator that is, while nice, not really good with bedbugs. They only spray floors but given how the bugs are moving from apartment to apartment they must be in the walls. The management needs to treat the entire building. We won't see any for a month or two, then we'll find two or three within a week. Call the building and exterminator, exterminator comes, inspects, sprays, nothing for a month or two, then a few more pop u

p. They're still in the building, moving between walls and floors, and they'll continue to be in the building until the management treats it properly.

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Unfortunately, the bed bug response in 921 has been terrible. There are a few infested apartments right now. The building exterminators seem competent at treating roaches, etc but they know nothing about treating bedbugs--they spray but do nothing that would kill the eggs and they only spot check when bedbugs require you to systematically go through the entire apartment. Bedbugs will probably be a problem in 921 until First Ocean (the management company) ponies up and hires dedicated bedbug exte

rminators. Wish I could have better news.

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Bed bugs continue to be a problem in this building and the exterminator service through the management is inadequate, as well as management's response.

November 2010. Bed bug infestation on 5th floor apartment.

I live in this building and I haven't talked with any resident who has had a problem with bedbugs. The building management company pays for extermination services on a monthly basis. If there is a problem, it has been addressed.

921 washington avenue has 3 cases of bed bugs...they seem to be traveling throught the floors but management is treating the apartments....the tenants want the building treated...wish us luck......

Fall 2008 bedbugs on the 4th floor, hiding in the walls.

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