932 Carroll St
Brooklyn, NY 11225-1802

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Lived here for 4 years. Currently infected. 1 treatment so far, still the occasional bite.

My son and I had confirmed bedbugs bites by a dermatologist in November 2009. I contacted the management office & they quickly contacted their vendor Global Pest Control to visit, but I couldn't arrange the time off with my job. I used a store bought treatment on everything but threw out the couch which was heavily infested. I have had no problems since then.

No problem here at all. Moved in July 2010, into a room that the previous occupant claimed had spiders and possibly bedbugs. Leaseholder told me about the claim, and that he'd been surprised since he'd never had the problem before. Nevertheless, as a precaution, he had the room sprayed and the floors repolished. I have not had a single problem while staying here - never seen any signs of bedbugs or been bitten by bedbugs or spiders.

I moved here in April and was not informed by the lease holder nor by the other roommate that they had experienced bed bug problems in the room that I was to rent. I moved in and began being bitten within three weeks of the move. It was awful!!!!!! I had never encountered bed bugs before and so wondered if I was breaking out in hives or something.

I called in an exterminator who was the one that told me there had obviously been a problem here before. The lease holder paid the exterminator's

bill and had the my room sprayed twice subsequently. He himself has never had his room sprayed, however.

Do not rent in this apartment or building! The unethical lease holder will not inform you and I have seen several mattresses tossed out front and in front of the adjacent building too.

You have been warned.

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Apartment #2C - 1/14/10 - The exterminator is coming today, but we've had bed bugs probably for a couple months. I was also having spider issues in my room when I first moved in back in July, but I imagine that they could've been here since then.

My bites have been rather sporadic, and since I never saw a bedbug, I continued to think that this is just something that happened to other people. Then my roommate returned from her Christmas vacation, and when she got back, we saw at least 10 a

ll over her bed. There was crust between her mattress and the headboard on the box-spring. Soon, we called our lease holder and he set up the exterminator.

We're on a sublease, so I'm hoping that the landlord was informed. With that said, we'll be informing the neighbors

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