951 Carroll St
Brooklyn, NY 11225-1908

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My wife and I have been living here for 7 yrs and never came across bed bugs until this year. My wife got severe bug bites from a bed bug in early August 2015. Since then my wife and I are still getting bitten almost every week. After talking with other tenants We have found that others are experiencing the same issue (on the same floor as well as ppl downstairs). Our landlord/Management Owners Freddy, Burke Leighton, Carroll Street Mgmt have received numerous messages from us to fix the issue,

or at the least assist us if we can pay half, or just be more proactive. Not a word of response. They only throw an unprofessional exterminator that Im sure it cost nothing to them, that will spray without even having a face mask, or set of 1 tiny fogger for a 2 bedroom apt, and not being thorough at exterminating the issue. After talking with other professional exterminators, they have said it requires that multiple units receive proper treatment to prevent the spread as they will likely continue to move from place to place. we seriously need help.

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