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I just found a live bedbug on my pillow, at around 3 AM. This is the third bedbug we've found in our unit in the last 18 months (both reported below); after the second spotting, an exterminator came and did a few rounds of treatment but found no signs of an infestation. I wish I knew why we keep finding isolated bedbugs but don't seem to have an infestation. Are they coming in through the radiators/electrical sockets?

I am writing this as a representative of the owner of the building. Our policy regarding bed bugs is proactive. As soon as we receive a complaint regarding bed bugs in an apartment, we contact our exterminator, who visits the apartment for a series of three treatments. Our exterminator works with the tenant to setup a treatment schedule based on the convenience of the tenant. The claims that the building is infested are overblown, and in fact we have a very low rate of bed bug complaints relativ

e to most big buildings in New York City.

We have had several instances where a new tenant moved into an apartment with no history of bed bugs, only to complain of bed bugs. This doesn't mean that the building is infested, it more likely means they either brought their bed bugs with them from their old building, or the truck, or any moving supplies used by them or by their movers, were infested.

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I am considering moving into this building. Has the bed bug issue been cleared up or is it still an ongoing problem?

I found some evidence of bed bugs in my apartment a few weeks ago. I used my own exterminator, but I also reported it to the management because they are supposed to inspect the neighboring apartments. I'm not sure if they did. I'll have to ask my neighbors if the management contacted them.

There are still lots of bedbugs here and next door. Move in if you like living with bites all over your body. Good luck!

Wow-actually looked at an apt in this building and I am seriously considering moving in! Are you guys still having bed bug issues? Has management responded to this issues?

Does this building still have bedbug infestation? If so, and if management is uncooperative, report them to HPD. Call 311 and take steps to hold management accountable. No one should have to live in such deplorable condition.

We have had bed bugs twice here in the past 5 months, and we have one of the newly renovated apts . The managment company is refusing to treat any of the surrounding apts, they don't seem to care what happens to anyone in this building. We have spoken to a few neighbors who said they have heard of lots of people in the building having them. We are trying to get out of there as soon as possible, if you are considering moving into this building, DON'T! Unless you really love doing laundry.

A few weeks ago, we came across a bedbug crawling up the wall in the hallway in our unit, so we trapped it in a ziploc bag for a closer look. It was flat and didn't look like it had fed on anyone. Then, over the next few weeks, I began to notice little bites on my hands and wrists, so we called the super and told him that we suspected an infestation. He protested, saying, "How can you have bedbugs?! It's a new apartment!" (yes, we're the first tenants to live in this unit post-renovation, but th

at's poor reasoning), but eventually he agreed to call an exterminator. The exterminator came this week, verified that the insect in the ziploc bag was indeed a bedbug, and gave our unit the first round of treatment. However, he never saw a single bedbug or indeed any signs of an infestation in our unit. He told us that a few could be coming into our unit from another unit via the electrical sockets and the pipes in the radiators, which means THERE ARE PROBABLY BEDBUGS MOVING AROUND THIS BUILDING IN THE WALLS! Ugh.

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Getting bitten every night, our super is non-responsive.

UPDATE to my September 8 post: it's been two months, but I haven't found any more evidence of bed bugs in my apartment -- no bites, no sightings, nothing. I'm positive the insect I killed was a bed bug, but I guess it was a loner that came in that day. I think we're in the clear!

It's about 4:15 AM and I JUST found a bedbug crawling on me. I brushed it onto the floor and then let it crawl onto a piece of toilet paper, where I observed it for a few seconds. It was engorged with blood and moving very slowly. I squashed it, which produced a significant blood stain on the toilet paper. Definitely a bedbug.

This is the first bedbug I've ever encountered in my life. I see no evidence that it bit me; I have no bites, and there are no blood spots on my bed. I don't know where

it came from, but I'm not inclined to think I brought it in, because I'm extremely careful. I'll be on the lookout for more.

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they're in my apt, in my room and im getting bit each nite i stay in here.

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