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Is 1035 Washington Ave still having problems with bed bugs?
January 2, 2016

We live in the building and sadly have had three bedbug outbreaks in the past year and a half. We have followed all instructions for the spraying but it seems they keep coming back. Yes the exterminator comes but we see the exterminator in the building regularly treating other units. It is a good building but they do not have a comprehensive plan for dealing with the bugs. It is really frustrating because it seems nothing will change.

There are definitely still bedbugs in this building. My wife and I moved in here 4 years ago, and the first 3 years were bedbug free.

We got them last December and it's taken 4 months to get rid of them. 4 intense exterminator visits, sprayings, washing all of our stuff multiple times, throwing away furniture, etc.

They were gone for a while, but now they're back cause they live inside the walls of this building and move around freely.

The management company, 1035 Washington Realt

y, doesn't seem to care. I've spoken with the building's exterminator and they've been basically begging the management company to let them treat the whole building to get rid of them, but the cheap management company doesn't want to spend the money.

This was a nice building, but now I can't really sleep at night cause I feel like bugs are everywhere and I am helpless.

Thanks 1035 Washington Realty!

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The management of 1035 Washington they are lying the building is still infected whit bedbugs and sometime to get the super is very hard the bedbugs are inside the wall and the floor and electrical boxes in the wall we have this problem for 4 years and the landlord new and never talk or sent letter to the tenants, and cleaning of the building is very bad they clean the floor every two months. The management are lying we still have bedbugs they only wants your money!

We live on 6 in the back and have not had a problem. I know some neighbors have, and when I called the super to have the exterminator come and look for evidence, he responded right away, and we have no problem. Some tenants say the mgmt doesn't respond, but that has not been my experience.

Any new reports of bedbugs in this bldg? Thinking about apply for an apt.

I am writing this as a representative of the owner of the building. Our policy regarding bed bugs is proactive. As soon as we receive a complaint regarding bed bugs in an apartment, we contact our exterminator, who visits the apartment for a series of three treatments. Our exterminator works with the tenant to setup a treatment schedule based on the convenience of the tenant. The claims that the building is infested are overblown, and in fact we have a very low rate of bed bug complaints relativ

e to most big buildings in New York City.

We have had several instances where a new tenant moved into an apartment with no history of bed bugs, only to complain of bed bugs. This doesn't mean that the building is infested, it more likely means they either brought their bed bugs with them from their old building, or the truck, or any moving supplies used by them or by their movers, were infested.

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We found bedbug bites on infant daughter in 6th floor rear apartment around July 1, 2011. Found traces on boxspring, but did not see actual bugs. Have since sealed boxspring and begun cleaning systematically, including: laundering/drying at high heat, steam treatment, heat treatment, vacuuming. Exterminator came and sprayed, then came a second time a week later. We are now one week after that, and I found three live nymphs and one dead adult in the capture cups at foot of bed in another room


Management has been minimally involved, but there was no problem with having exterminator visit. Not clear how much there is to be done about this in a building in the middle of a city with an epidemic.

Taking the attitude that we will not get rid of them, but will just make it very hard for them to survive long. This comes through constant cleaning/vacuuming, and reducing clutter. These are good things anyway! Enclosing all mattresses in covers also an important step. We'll see how it goes.

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I'm moving into this building in two weeks. Is this still a problem? Please advise

Are there still bedbugs in the building? Call 311 and report this problem. Its disgusting and unsanitary. Is this the reason people are fleeing from this building?

Beware of this building and the Management.

They do not care about the living conditions in the building. They just want the money.

There are so many problems in this building and it is not worth the money.

TRUST this building is infested with bed bugs.

I have bite marks all over me as i type.

My word of advice is not to move here.

I lived in 6th floor rear of building and both my neighbor I had bed bugs! A nightmare for months they kept telling me that I was imagining things!! I also noticed that the tenants below me always had tons of bites on their arms. so i believe they did too!!!

Please tell me if this is still a problem, I was planning to apply for this building this month!!

The problem is getting worse bedbug are running free and the tenant association are doing nothing and the super is no help the The apartment in the T line they all are infected even the new apartment has bedbug

please please tell me if there are really bed bugs in all the apts at this location???? im really in the process of applying for an apt

6th Fl Back of the Building.

We started noticing bites about mid-summer 2009. They had infected our bed, closet and a laptop which was kept near the bed.

We tried to handle the situation ourselves, with pesticides and steaming to no avail. We then called in the landlord for help. A professional exterminator visited twice. The first time, they seemed much reduced. But after the second visit they seem to be back on the increase.

Currently we kill 2 or 3 every other day both adults and n


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I live here at 1035 Washington ave and I can agree that we have a bed bug plague in the building and little to nothing is being done about it unfortunately. They live inside the wooden floorboards so I don't see any quick fix to this problem unless they do like they did during the last bed bug plague in new York (especifically the Bronx during the 50's), which would be to TNT the building down lol. Anyways, you can keep them in check with strong alcohol and being consistent . I happen to know Il

ka , the poster from above that lives in 4f, so this basically confirms it. We need help, the superintendant of the building who's name is Sauyip Ada doesn't bother coming even though I have written him numerous letters and gone to get him directly , I called the building department and they will come and inspect one of these days.

Good grief.

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I have just been notified that apartment 5L, which was just emptied has bedbugs. The building is treating the problem but it appears that the situation is spreading into other units. Others have found one or two, so hopefully if the building mgt. steps up to the plate, the problem will get under control.

Jan 1 ,1009
1035 Washington Ave #4F
Brooklyn, NY 11225

bedbugs! Still treating. ugh

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