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This is just a short report to update the registry. I'm in a 6th floor unit (left elevator bank) and have had intermittent appearances for 2 years. Because I recognize bites immediately, do the proper protocols (including using a packtite unit), and insist on prompt repeated spray treatments by the super/inhouse exterminator, the infestations get controlled and eradicated, but then they show up again months or a year later. I know they keep walking in periodically from other apartments. This IS

a problem in this building. I know for a fact that other residents on other floors also have ongoing struggles. It sucks, don't get me wrong, but it's not enough to drive me out yet, because honestly this is the only negative of living here: bed bugs and also some other bugs (the units are not well sealed and top floor units always have more exposure to pests). But if you have a huge mental or emotional problem with bugs, this is a bad choice building for you.

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August 4th 2012

I've sublet the room in the apartment for a month and got bitten many times by bed bugs, I have found few bed bugs, one was adult and other were smaller in size. I had severe rash and after bed bug discovery I had to sleep fully clothed, few layers of clothing and that seem to stop the bites.

this bldg is in a great location , but the management co are fools they take for ever to get
simple things done i've gone to court with them twice over bedbugs and repairs. 1/18/2011

this bldg is in a great location , but the management co are fools they take for ever to get
simple things done i've gone to court with them twice over bedbugs and repairs. 1/18/2011

just moved into the building this year and my husband started getting bit. we thought it was a rash until one night i lifted the comforter and found two live, big bedbugs. This started happening in January. We contacted building management and it took them 2 weeks to get back to us. The exterminator came on February 9th and fumigated the apartment. We haven't been back to the apartment since. We are staying out of the apartment for 2 weeks. I found out that the tenants living on the floor bel

ow us had a bed bug problem in December and another tenant on our floor also had a bedbug problem in November. She moved out of the building in January. I hope the bugs don't come back.

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I've been getting bitten for about a month, but like most people I thought they were mosquito bites. Upon further thought and internet research I assumed bed bugs and started nightly patrol. On 7/28/09 I found one in my box spring which I accidentally mashed while trying to collect it. In the wee hours of 7/29 I found a live one crawling on my bed which I picked up with a lint roller and preserved in a ziploc. I will be contacting management again later to insist on a licensed PCO. I think t

hey are in my bed and couch because those are the two places where I spend time and have gotten bitten.

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6th floor, east side of the building. On two occasions in the last month, obviously infested mattresses have been left in the 6th floor hallway. Last night I checked with all tenants on the floor to try and discover the source. All denied knowledge or involvement. Denying the problem is a sure fire way to allow it to grow and leaving infested mattresses in the hallway is a sure fire way to spread this problem to neighbors. Our apartment is fine thus far (knock wood) but I'm disturbed and deeply


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I had a brief bedbug problem back in February ("battler" below). Weeks after the super treated, things seemed to settle down on their own. (I'm not convinced the super's fogger did anything to help.)

Since then, most of my clothes have been washed and dried in high heat, and stored in sealed plastic bags. My mattress and boxspring have been encased. I've been super vigilant and highly alert, but had no problems.

Then the last two nights, I've been bitten again, in my encased bed. Then I fo

und a live one crawling in the livingroom. I can't believe I'm about to go through this AGAIN.

I also saw a note in the elevator one day, written by an unknown tenant, suggesting the building has huge bedbug problems and should be reported to the city. And a neighbor indicated that others on my floor have also mentioned having bugs, though I don't believe those people are reported here.

Last time, I did not file a complaint with the city, but this time I will.

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Was getting bitten in mid-March, found BBs on the boxspring when we went to encase it. Found a dead bug today (April 2) in the bathtub. We have heard the apt. next door had them, so we think they've come through in the adjacent wall (it's a 3rd floor apt.). We're subletting until the end of the month and trying to leave ASAP.

I noticed a couple splotches on my hand that turned out to be bites on Monday, Feburary 9. I began suspecting bed bugs but they didn't itch and they weren't raised so I didn't pursue it On Tuesday, February 17 I found a live bed bug on my pillow. I looked over the mattress and found about 10-15 total, some in a little group between my mattress and boxspring. I started washing the bedding and vacuuming up the bugs. The thing that I know now was stupid was I emptied the vacuum cleaner into the tr

ash in the bin on my apartment floor. How do you kill bugs that are in your vacuum cleaner? I didn't read that anywhere. I notified my super and at the suggestion of a friend asked whether the landlord would pay for extermination. The super had already been exterminating other apartments in the building. I started washing and drying all my clothes and rugs in my room. The super came the next morning with 2 foggers and I took my cat to the groomer's so he could get cleaned up and be out of the house for 3 hours. 2 days later I am still doing laundry and hope to sleep in my bed tonight after I buy some of those mattress protectors.

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Exterminator confirmed bedbugs on 12 Feb 2009 in 6th floor apartment bedroom, after two weeks of bites. According to NYC housing violations, a 4th floor apartment filed a complaint in July 2008 for bedbugs infestation in the bedroom.

Captured one dead bug in bed, and another live one crawling the wall. Kept both as verification/evidence of infestation.

Believe problem was caught early; not as severe as others I've read about. Time will tell.

Suspicions are that the bugs were acquired in

one of two ways:
1) From 4th floor apartment, or other unreported unit in the building
2) From laundromat on MacDonald Ave where sheets were washed and dried the same night the first bites occured

No way to really confirm either way.

Spoke with super on 12 Feb, he arrived to fog apartment this morning (13 Feb) with a TAT product, supposedly recommended by exterminator. When mattress was flipped, only one other bug was spotted; no evidence of others or eggs, according to super.

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