2111 Beekman Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11225-4802

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Just discovered bedbugs under our mattress at 2111 Beekman Place, Brooklyn, NY, 11225. We live on the first floor. Just sent a message to our landlord; will follow up as soon as we know what's happening.

Bed bugs Aug. 2012

Recently discovered bedbugs in my apartment at 2111 Beekman Pl. in Brooklyn NY 11225.

I definitely know they were bedbugs due to having them in an apartment I was in about 4 years ago (210 23rd St. Apt. 3, Brooklyn NY).

Found no evidence of nesting in bed. Bit a few times one night, and found large bedbug (destroyed) on outside of mattress near where arm was hanging over bed side. Two nights later bit by smaller bedbug, was found and destroyed.

Exterminator called promptly (and

at no cost to me) by building manager and received process on February 5th 2009. Exterminator found no immediate evidence of nesting, etc. Though many holes in apartment that would lead to inside walls. Took extensive measures to make sure first extermination successful. Have not been bit since. 2nd extermination session coming up most likely on 2/22/09. Exterminators very accommodating, and with follow up.

Currently my conclusion is that either my girlfriend brought them over with some of her belongings which she recently moved over to my place or they were hitchhikers from a very recent trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Though was not bit there during the 3 week stay. In my girlfriends apartment (277 Eastern Parkway, Floor 2, Brooklyn NY) bedbug sniffing dog confirmed yet no evidence)) she had bedbugs in her roommates room, though she was not staying in her room for some time, and recently brought over a suitcase that was not cleaned during the extermination in the apartment.

I would have to ultimately conclude thus far that they were hitchhikers and luckily did not bed down (sorry) in my apartment. My bed is brand new from a reputable dealer and my furniture is all very new and none second hand.

If you're reading this, it's probably because you live in or near my building and have the terrible luck of being exposed to this horrible epidemic. I wish you luck.

On a side note, this is not to place the building in a bad light or the buildings management, but only to help track these terrible insects.

Will follow up with this report after second extermination visit.


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