150 Corbin Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11235-4871

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This building is infested with bed bugs i was bitten all over yesterday! Have received treatment but if I am the only getting the treatment and no one else from below or above then the problem will continue. Super does not care with kids living here! They were aware this is a problem and still rented us the apt knowing of issues. We even asked the super if reported any bed bugs before moving and said no no problem! Lier!!! @

Sofia have you taken them to court yet?

This buling is infected with badbugs and i am going to court

This shit building is infested with beds bugs….and it has mice in apartments. BEWARE before renting here.

[email protected]

super of the building nver listen if we make any complaint .

I also now have bed bugs in my bedroom at 150 Corbin Place on the A-K side and no idea how they got in. I have to register with building exterminator to come now and take time off from work for this crap. I see them about every 3 days, twice actually on the bed and the other times on the wall behind the bed - adult and babies. Had no idea what they were until I looked online. Building is disgusting and basement garbage is not disposed of often enough and I wonder why I now have this problem.

Landlord is renting to pigs and the super doesn't give a rats behind about the place. Why isn't the landlord doing something about this?

Just disgusting.

see full report...

I am also a tenant @ 150 Corbin Place. Building not only has infestation of bed bugs but also rats, tarakani and huge water bugs…..Its dirty inside and outside, poorly kept and super is horrible good for nothing

I won't give you my apt number but the building has had the exterminator to my house twice already and the bedbugs still come back!!! for the super nosy you can check the city's 411 complaints log with the buildings dept:)

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