369 Saint Johns Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11238-5201

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hi, this is a management rep..

the apartment in question was treated as soon as management was informed of an issue. Once the tenants moved out, the apartment and the whole building was treated as a precautionary measure, in addition, preventative steps as suggested by extermination company have been taken.

the management company has continued to take every step possible to make sure the situation was contained and has been rectified.

As the poster above mentions, please feel free to

visit HPD's complaint website or contact the landlord directly for proof of extermination. The owner of the building is very concerned about all current and potential tenants.

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Bugs found on 4th floor south apartment 14 in late 2010 according to tenants who lived here at the time and again in 2011 in the same unit with next tenants, spread to at least 5 other apartments in our building on 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st floors in 2011 and early 2012, tenants on 4th floor apt 14 moved out Dec 2011 due to ongoing problem and ineffective treatment, at time of this writing 3rd floor tenants apt 9 planning on moving out as well Infestations now on N and S sides of building. Landlord

tried to COVER UP the problem along with the pest control company representative and took minimal action until tenants started calling 311, and finally inspected the building in late 2011, but only after the problem had spread, and
continued to tell tenants that there was nothing to worry about, that bugs weren’t found in other apartments. The landlord tried to convince remaining tenants that other tenants with bugs “never saw” actual bugs (not true), that the tenants were “paranoid” and only found “baby roaches” (not true), “didn’t have bites” (not true) or had “poison ivy” rashes and not bug bites (not true). TALK to other tenants, check out the COMPLAINT HISTORY for building on NYC HPD government website (or call hpd at 212-491-4229 to get this information if no longer available on the website after a year) and ask for your NYC bedbug disclosure form from the landlord as required by law to be provided before you decide to live here!!! ATalk to current tenants in the building to confirm the information above NO MATTER WHAT THE BROKER TELLS YOU!!! DON’T TRUST THE LANDLORD TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH!!! (Especially if you are a woman!!!) TALK TO TENANTS!!! ASK

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