195 Ferguson Ave N
Hamilton, ON L8L

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ONe tenant that doesn't spek English had someone notify the manager that he had bedbugs in the beginning of December 2012. He will only 'just' get his first spraying today. He wasn't told anything about having to wash his clothing/bedding etc nor bagging all his belongings. It's spread from his bedroom, where it was first spotted to throughout his whole apt. HIs bed was taken out (without plastic covering) and was given a brand new bed with anti bed bug covers. This is before he's had any sp

rayings! I'm glad for him that he's not having to wait that long... One tenant told the manager in the summer of 2010 of having bed bugs and put his stuff out on the balcony. He didn't get his first spraying til December *2012*!!! Something's GOT to be done about the management here SOON! Tenants have been trying to get this situation (among others) sorted for a number of years and nothing's getting done.

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Bed bugs are still in the apartments here at 195 Ferguson Ave North.. as with first place we have a contract with the good shepherd, which does not have suits and just come in with their street clothes, for inspections. which can transfer them from unit to unit and building to building.

Bed bugs still in apartment building

New out break of bedbugs in the building an none of the tenants have been notified,. they are spraying apartment after apartment and it is inefective.

I have bed bugs since July 16 2010. However bed bugs have been here since June 2009. I have been sprayed 3 times by Orkin and still have them We just got inspected by the good shepherd and we still have them. all surrounding units must be done to prevent further contamination of building. more education is needed here in the city of Hamilton
The Hamilton Health board needs to update their information about this problem. all the information I have found that has been useful is on the Toronto sit

e its quite extensive.

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bed bugs have been found in several apartments at this unit. Health department in Hamilton has been notified but have not inspected.
all infested items are stored with Items used to furnish some apartments.

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