375 Barton St E
Hamilton, ON L8L

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Nothing wrong with 375 barton. We live here and there is no issues. Very clean spaceious home.

In Febuary 2009, My husband, myself and my 1 yr old son moved to 375 Barton St. E, my sister and her husband along with her 1 yr old boy moved in a month earlier.

Everything seemed to be O.K for a while. Later in July 2009 we started getting itchy. My sister was getting itchy first and my son were the ones with the bumps, no one thought anything of it, we thought it was moskito bites but smaller.

I would find my son itching to the point that he would be red, I then realized that he woul

d be doing that when he was sitting on the carpet. My sister was scratching too. No one else in the household was itching but no one else was sitting on the carpet either. We told the landlord and he rented a shop vac/shampooer and it seemed to be ok, for a while. Weeks later we were all itching like crazy. One day my sister mentioned it to her friend that she is consistantly itching.

Thinking it was stress bumps, meanwhile confussed that a baby has them too? She asked someome and they told her to look at her mattress for bed bugs, and she did and she found them in the mattress. I had them too. OMG! Therefore for months we have started getting bugs and had no idea. We discovered what the itching was from in early August 2009.

We told the landlord, after the fact that we all went out and bought almost $150 worth of bug sprays in August 2009 and we were still itching. He gave us the money back for what we spent. He said he would call around to find someone for cheap considering it costs about $1200 for an exterminter to come in. He never did. He is now saying that it is our problem and blames us for having low-lives visiting his house that was done up for us. Keep in mind this landlord is a relative.

We all have been sleeping in our livingrooms and all our clothes are in garbage bags. Now we have a leak in the livingroom ceiling and I am not sure if there is mold....OMG! Help. I can't take it anymore.

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