699 Barton St E
Hamilton, ON L8L
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I've lived here for 1 year and thought that they were just mosquito bites from the summer but they keep happening... since reading this I now wknow what it is, so i contacked the landlord and he says its just itchy from the dry air and refuses to treat the problem... too bad, it not a bad place to live beside my little "friends" :(

Not true! The landlord is keeping up on the problem but when people don't tell him about the issue or don't do anything about it until way to late what do they expect! I am also a tenant of 699 Barton Street and have had no issues what so ever and I have been at this address for at least 9 months......I have also been in many of the apartments and can tell you they also do not suffer from an infestation......Maybe one or two here or there but thats about it.....

I am a tenant in this building I do not want to give my apartment number but I do Know that there is an infestation problem in this building as well as 695 Barton Street East as there are three buildings all conected and owned by my landlord who wont treat the infested apartments and won't help the tenants with the cost of losing/laundering their belongings. that I know of apartments 5,7,9,10 all have bed bug infestations. he has only sprayed one or two apartments and mine is one of the infested


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