183 Prospect St S
Hamilton, ON L8M

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There is still bed bugs in this house. 2 tenants in 2 different apartments recently moved out and had to throw away everything. The house has been sprayed several times but the problem will not go away. Also has a huge problem with mice.

This address is a multi-unit house. In August of 2010 there was an infestation. One of the tenants moved out on account of her belief that the landlords were not taking care of the problem adequately. None of the other tenants in the house were notified about the infestation (this is where I personally had an issue as I would have taken added precautions and been on the look out for them). Two weeks ago I came home after having a discussion with a friend about bed bugs to find one on my bed

(at first I thought I was seeing things based on the conversation from 20 minutes prior). I was so grossed out by them, that I immediately threw out my mattress and two box spring (they were wrapped in plastic, marked, and put curb-side for large garbage pick up) I cleared everything in the room they were found in and used the RAID brand spray for crawling bugs (it lists many bugs including but not limited to bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, etc...) I have since set a homemade trap (using dry ice in a cooler as bait) and have not seen any in it. All I caught was about 6 fruit flies. I have diligently checked ever other room in my unit and have not seen any further signs of them (Thank goodness). I made a point of informing the other tenants knowing that since I wasn't told about the infestation a year ago, that they too would not be informed. So far, so good. I have to admit, that although I did my homework on the subject and know that there wasn't anything I did to get them...it is still embarrassing and I appreciate that you allow us to post anonymously. I wish people would educate themselves better to help eliminate the false assumptions and stigma that go along with these disgusting, yet fascinating bugs.

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