30 Sanford Ave S
Hamilton, ON L8M

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My Father lives in this building and I intend on moving him out. This place is infested with cockroaches and bedbugs. I see then there everyday. We have been spraying his apartment ourselves since it seems nobody is doing anything about it and still bugs everywhere.. DISGUSTING!!!

Went to deliver something to this address and apartment is infested with bed bugs. Someone needs to deal with this as there are a lot of seniors in there.

apartment next to mine has bed bugs and is being sprayed ask them to spray mine also as they will surely travel to my apartment.

They would not do it what is the sense of not doing the adjoining apartments insanity.

Again it is just a half a$$ job done by the city of Hamilton.

October 2011

Had to wait 2 weeks before they could come in and try and get rid of the bedbugs. Good Shepherd said they were to busy to come right away. The senior lady in question slept in the bath tub for 2 weeks.

Nov3 2011 watched the company spray infected apartment but they did not spray the units on each side of the infected unit sure enought they were back in month spraying the unit next to it. Month later again they sprayed the unit next to that. In other words they are not doing it right. I even asked them and they said the infected apartment was not that bad.

What a Joke they will never get rid of them.

I have been battling these critters since 2006. After one year of repeatedly being infested and blamed for the infestation??? I had a heart attack and stroke. They kept saying it was all in my head until I gave them a live one. Last year I had them again was sprayed the whole nine yards and was okay for a while. two months ago I was bitten again.They brought in the sniffer dog and he told them I didn't have any (he wouldn't know a bed bug if it bit him on the nose.

Last week I captured

an adult and called for spraying they said I have to wait for another imspection. They are doing it tomorrow and I have alive one in a jar on my table to show the dog what they look like.

What do I do if they refuse to spray now?

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