4 Prospect St S
Hamilton, ON L8M

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I have resided in this building for the pass six years and have had a problem with bed bugs for the past year. I have notified the supernatant about this problem, he responded to me by getting into a verbal argument. The supernatant told me that I had to pay the exterminator. MY apartment has been sprayed for bedbugs twice, the rest of the building has not been sprayed to my knowledge. There has been no notice from the property manager to the tenants about the infestation. This situation needs t

o be dealt with it is causing an unhealthy and unsafe environment for anyone to live in.

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This whole building is crawling with bugs they just sprayed and it's still infested

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There are 3 buildings in this complex, that have been dealing with bedbugs for well over a year now. The property manager refuses to alert the tenants, the city or have all three buildings properly taken care of. There ended up been a bad outbreak and tenants suffered. I feel that if the matters would of been dealt with properly in the beginning,things might of been under better control. Not all units were looked after and new tenants were moved in, needless to say, this is unsafe, unhealthy and

needs to be dealt with by the proper authorities. The other 2 properties are 1044-1048 King Street East Hamilton, Ontario L8E 1G5 (including 4 Prospect Street South)

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