6 Holton Ave S
Hamilton, ON L8M

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I've lived here two years now and running when my current lease ends. Bed bugs, roaches everywhere and the building is full of drug addicts. Can't sleep because the neighbors are so stoned they fight until 5am and the bed bugs just keep returning. Fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night every few months and the trash area is always filled with dead mice. Gotta admit the pests are the least of the issue, bed bugs included, the people are foul and the property manager is non-existant. If yo

u want pest control in you better be prepared to fight to get them.

see full report...

I have no bedbugs. I cleaned my apartment. Spraying killed all of them.

this landlord does no bedbug spraying and still after right to know law has effected he still is not telling his tenants

i had bedgugs and the landlord sprayed

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