7 Connaught Ave S
Hamilton, ON L8M

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I moved into 3 Connaught Av S unit # 5 on December 20 2014, and I kid you not, moved right back out on December 21, 2014. Before I moved in I specifically asked about bed bugs..I was told that there HAD been a problem but they had the spraying under control, so me being naive I believed it and moved in. Within an hour of being there my fiance laid down to take a nap while I was cooking us dinner. I left him to sleep for literally 20 minutes and when I went to check on him he was COVERED IN BED B

UGS! See, prior to moving in I already had my experience with these critters a couple years ago at another apartment, but that was dealt with.. This place.. NO! IT IS IN FUCKING FESTEDDDDDD TO THE FULLLLLLLLLLEST. No word of a lie. They are EVERYWHERE. Bed bugs are suppose to come out at night when lights are off.. No not here. This building is so infested that they are everywhere. All over the walls, the bathroom, kitchen, living room... EVERYWHERE. I stayed for 24 hours and got over 30 bites on my body and killed approximately 200-300 bugs over the 24 hours. They claim they have a company they use.. And they spray every 3 months.. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS. Its pure lies. A place thats sprayed that often could never be that infested. I had my neighbour come up to me the evening i moved in to welcome me and he says "Did you pay rent yet.?" I said "Yea" he said "You better get your money back. The bugs arent going nowhere they been there for years." After this I knew I had to leave as soon as possible. This is just a living nightmare. You do not want to suffer.

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i lived in 6 connaught ave south for 4 yrs.. they have had bedbugs for the entire time. dont move in there..the landlord does nothing to get rid of them but spray with a can of raid i kid you not

Yep, 3 Connaught Ave South, the adjoined building. I moved in December 2010, and moved out June 2011. First noticed the bugs in March 2011, after 1 month of doctor visits and antibiotics to cure whatever the rash was on my body. Once we figured out what it was, it took over a week, and my boss getting involved, to get exterminators in, "new exterminators, not the same company used last year" so I was told. The one guy who works for him, Mark, actually tried to convince me and my boss that bedbug

s don't travel, so I had nothing to worry about going to work. They did only my apartment, unit #2, and "looked at" MOST of other apartments in both 3 and 7. They booked the other apartments to be sprayed 2 weeks later, when I had mine done for the 2nd time. Of course 2 weeks after that, everyone else had their 2nd treatment, and guess where they returned too. The problem is the faux fireplaces adjoining the 2 buildings, because I know mine came from the property cleaner who had the apartment in #7 adjoining mine. Broke my lease and moved, and he actually thinks that I owe him money.

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I moved into the apartment(unit 9) in March, 2010, and a couple weeks later me and my fiance were getting bites all over. We didnt know what they were at first, and contacted our landlord. He told us he had no idea what it was, and would have the exterminator come in. Tenants upstairs told us it was bed bugs, and it was ongoing for a year. Apparently our landlord was advised NOT to rent to anyone.
We lived there for four months, and were exterminted only once. The problem was so bad we found b

ugs under our sink in the kitchen, and in the bathroom. We even found one or two out during the day, crawling around a bag in the living room. We moved, but couldnt take our bed or couches with us. Our bed was so infested with bugs, it was more than disgusting. We took the box spring apart and found bed bugs in there almost the size of my pinky finger nail. And there was about 5 of them. Plus the ones all in the mattress. We had to sleep on our living room floor.
We were not provided with extermination, or even pesticides.

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