8 E 36th St
Hamilton, ON L8V

Found 2 reports:

GROSS!! We did not even finish our lease here!! All you smell is pot, smoke etc. The landlord does not even do anything here. This place is bedbuged infested its not even funny!!!! DO not MOVE here...... do you love your stuff? Then don't move here otherwise it will be all thrown out once the bug's get ya.....

In November my fiance and I were watching TV when we noticed a small red bug..... We knew right then. We slit the mattress and WHAT do we find.... your right BUGS!!!! We were really pissed about it... more so for the fact that the LANDLORD stated there was NEVER ANY cases of bedbugs, then later told us once we had them that HE has actually had FOUR cases while he has been here for 2 in a half years.... needless to say, we moved out of this infested place...

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