3000 Victoria Park Ave
Toronto, ON M2J

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i have been living in this building for more then 3 years ! and MUST say its very good , safe and convenient place... regarding Bedbug , crouches i feel someone is writing report to damage reputation ..
very hard working staff who looks after you !

I don't recommed people to leave in this building there is lots of mouses and bugs and very dangerous to leave this building should be shout down.

I would not recommend anyone live in this building , centipedes , roaches, beetles everywhere . Management only tries to help with treatment which dies no help at all. No better what they do the pests are imbedded in the walls. Only way to get rid is knock then building. The owners need come and stay here before Collecting rent

Tons of bed bugs and coackroaches!!!!

My apartment is infested with bed bugs. I had to throw out all of my furniture. (Someone in the building actually took the matress and box spring into there house which was infested with bed bugs - NASTY!) My child has a fear of bugs and gets bitten almost every night.

The landlords are lazy and the management company does not care to help me fix this problem. The entire 4th and 5th floor has bed bugs.

At the moment, trying to get out of my lease


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This building is full of bedbugs and cockroach, I’ve reported to the manager, no action was taken yet, they have the worst staffs. Whenever tenants report something to them, they took their sweet time to do it, it's almost feel like you're begging them to provide any service to us tenants. I hired a bedbugs company to come, Service was great but less than two weeks I started to see them again, no matter how much you try to get rid of them it's just impossible, the city of Toronto need to

shut down this building period.
You literally could see them walking in the wall and the floor. This building is very expensive, they really don't care about their tenants, and they only care about collecting their checks. Moving to 3000 Victoria Park was the biggest mistake of my life. I do not recommend anyone to move there, it is so bad, it's not healthy especially if you have young children.

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roaches everywhere and management does absolutely nothing to fix this issue it is absolutely devastating to have to live with this many bugs inside your house. I kept everything clean no garbage or food out of place and still I saw more roaches than I could count daily. I advise people not to move in here.

Roaches is a HUGE concern on my own apartment, not to mention the complaints from many other tenant in the same building. property manager do not pay any attention to tenant complains and i will be taking this matter to the health department. Roaches are on my coach, bedroom, the other day i found one dead in my fridge, in my living room , washroom , i am infested with roaches, i cannot live this way!!! My own home makes me sick, there are days i cannot cook, i see them everywhere in my kitchen

. This building should be SHUT DOWN!!!!! People are fooled with the outside appearance!!!!!!!

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There are cockroaches here. We told the management but all they do is put some gel. It is disgusting. The kitchen is so dated and has cracks everywhere. We had to close cracks everywhere ourselves. For 1400 a month we should be living roach free this is ridiculous. I emailed the head office of the management about it so we will see.

bed bugs are around 4 months and not gone after 4 treatments.

The bedbugs are a SERIOUS PROBLEM in the apartment building now and don't seem to go away even after I put considerable effort and money in cleaning the apartment of bedbugs. Woke every morning in big and ridiculously itchy bites.

Management has band-aid approach with little success in dealing with them. Had to move out after suffering for nearly two months.

so many bugs at this building. DANGEROUS FOR KIDS!

Bedbugs become a serious issue in this building.

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