75 Havenbrook Blvd
Toronto, ON M2J

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We moved to this apartment in 2013. We asked the super and the management team about cocorouches and they said there is none in this building. Well later on we found out they lied a big time. This apartment is full of cockroaches. you can come here and ask every apartment and I am sure they will all say they have cockroaches. We did everything to get rid of them but they come back. Sometimes you see them crawling up the walls in the corridor.

The management and the supers are the worst you

can find. Unfortunately for a country like Canada, they shouldn't let such properties to be run by such rude people.

So save yourself the money and don't come to this apartment. we learned it the hard way, so this is a free advise for you.

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Disgusting apartments with leaking closets and cabinets that ruin your belongings. Units are not cleaned between tenants with pests crawling out from behind refrigerators and stoves. Terrible plumbing with undrinkable, muddy water. Management staff have an unhelpful attitude and don't do anything until you follow up repeatedly. DO NOT RENT FROM MEDALLION.

I live one of the units at 75 Havenbrook. Before we move in Firts day of April 2014, I have bought new beds for two bed room apartment. Last week of August 2014, I have noticed once we sleep at small bedroom we get bites and rushes that so painful and very itchy. I went to see a doctor and it was Bed bug bite. I checked all the way through entire the house I saw the edge of the wall in small room by the bed, the bugs were crawling from the hole of the wall and going into the bed. I turned my n

ew bed and it was infected by bugs. I have thrown the bed and frame. What a waste of money. i bought another bed and end up throwing again.I cant take it seeing my kids crying at night .and just found out that not one time issue , it is been problem long time ago.

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i saw a bed bug crawling on a friend that lives in this building , it was on the inside of his shirt crawling up the back of his neck.
gave me the creeps

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