25 St Dennis Dr
Toronto, ON M3C

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I’ve been in this building since 2009 and never had a problem whit bed bugs until 2013. During summer 2013 we got a notice from management that one of our neighboring unit (not mentioned unit#) is infested with bed bugs and the pest control guys will be there treating the unit and they need to enter our unit also to treat as part of the procedure, also attached a list of things to do like move furniture etc.
We were never bothered about this thing before but were on alert looking around

mattresses and on the walls occasionally.
After a week or so here comes the first critter and we did our own control and cleaning and it went away. Around last year one neighbor (many of them since then, I guess this may be a reason too) moved out and the unit was empty for quite long time. Around six months back a new tenant came in the same unit and two months ago informed us that they have seen bedbugs and we should be careful.
Now we are in fear again and in the process of regularly inspecting every nook and corner of the apartment.
I talked to some people in this building and came to know that at multiple levels including penthouse there was (or still is) infection at times.
This building(may be this area) is swarmed by roaches already and now I think it is bed bug's turn.
The building maintenance is very good (I will say exceptional) and super is a very nice guy too but this bug issue is a nightmare for and out of control of every one. If you can't sleep in the night (either due to bite or out of fear) above things doesn't count.
I am planning to move out by next school vacation.
If you have allergy, or fear of bedbugs be careful. As the rental has increased high recently and hydro is not included now, you may find better and clean buildings or even house for the same rent or some extra money.

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June 24, 2012
I’ve been living at 25 St. Dennis for 1 year and never had a problem whit bed bugs. About a month ago we were informed that the tenants’ living below our apartment has a very bad bed bug infestation, and that we should be careful. I called management to inform them. They told me that the ones with the problem have to call before they can do anything. 2 days ago I woke up with big itchy bumps all over my arms. I WAS BITTEN BY BED BUGS in my bed. >:O First roaches now

bed bugs. I’m not used to living like this. I was told when I moved in that there were no problems such as these, but THEY LIED. It’s time for me to move out!!!!!!!

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We are about mid level 9th floor of the building, living in 2 bedroom apartment since 11 years. Recently bugs have shown up on the beds and biting everyone in the home. Though we're killing those by spraying but still cannot control the plague.

Report: March 26, 2011

It all started December 2010 when I morning I woke up with a bite which look like moskito bite. I didn't worry immediately since it was the first time something like that happened since 2007 when I moved here. Then I notice a few more bite just before going away for my xmas vacation to visit my family in Quebec. During my time away, I was fine, no bite and my dog who is always very itchy at home is also okay on vacation...When I came back in January, immediately at my

first night, i was biten again..now I really worry....I live on the top floor, love the place, old building but well maintained and nice view.

Since then I got read of my bed and bought a brand new one, washed and stored all the cloths I don't use, got a bed bug treatment by the pest control company the building uses. However, the situation didn't change, I think the bedbug come from cracks in the wall as I saw two the other day going back in the direction of a tiny hole in the wall...now I can't sleep...always worry and keep getting biten when I fall asleep.

As I saw that other people are complaining, I think that I don't have any other choice than moving out...

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i've moved to this appartment 15th floor for about 4 months when i started to have the begbug nightmare. being new in canada didn't made thing easy for me(no money from work equal no chance to move out, i was on welfare and my worker didn't want to do anything for me: help with the money to move out). I was condamned to stay until i could afford to pay my own rent;then i will able to move out.i'm still staying there with bedbugs for 3 years now, painful experience!i steam my bed every 2 weeks, u

se all kind of chemical to keep the place neat and make a life for my family!! now i'm working and hope to move out by summer. hope to find a better place (i'm PRAYING). the building is ok but the maintenance is poor, i would never thaught i could exposed my kid and myself to this experience because i can't put on a tank since i move in because my skin is full of stain and my boy scratch his arm every time because of that(what's a shame)!!!

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Building is full of Bedbugs I'm getting so pist off

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