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Moved out in 2015 from there cause I found out the cameras all over the building are fake and don't work. Also the super and the manager are thieves. They have a "locker room" somewhere in the basement that no one knows. They enter tenant's units in the last day when moving and technically grab anything they can. When moving in or out make sure Mona signs a paper saying how many keys she gave and received cause she will claime that she received extra keys. Also Manuel seems he cares but actually

wants you to trust him so that when something goes missing he is not blamed. Search about the building more cause there are more problems and safety is an issue in this building. Good luck moving there but try finding a different apartment.

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I have lived in this building nearly a year. When we tried to move in on the 5th of the month (because they hadn't gotten around to preparing the unit for the 1st) no one was available to give me keys or even let me into the building. When I finally found the Super, Manuel, I discovered he was great. Over the year I have seen how obviously he cares about his jobs, and the tenants, but one man cannot keep a building this big, that has been neglected for so long, in shape. It was about a week afte

r I moved in that the coach roaches made their way into our apartment from the neighbours and hallways. These bugs are small-ish, about the size of a house fly. Management does do bi-annual infestation sprays but the bugs always come back. About a month in, my roommate saw 10 roaches in ten minutes and went on a rampage trying to find where they were coming from. When she pulled out the fridge, HUNDREDS of bugs fell out. Including one nearly the size of a toonie! She bleached the entire house. We called and left a voicemail for the building manager. 3 days later she finally called back saying the bi-annual pest-control would occur in 6 weeks and that was the entire solution. No replacement of the fridge. No explanation for how they completed a move-out assessment on the last tenants and didn't bother to pull out the fridge. No compensation. Now we keep a spray bottle of bleach in every room since we can't leave poison out due to pets.

I read the previous posts before moving in but I know people tend to exaggerate, so did not heed the warnings. There are no exaggerations here. This place is not just rough. This building is a shit hole. And as such, the tenants treat it that way. The bugs continue to thrive because people don't care where they leave their garbage, where they smoke, or where they defecate (Yes, a human being once shit in the stairwell!)

Saving 100 bucks a month is not worth dealing with the bugs, dirt, and neglect. Go without cable instead. You won't regret it. My lease is up, so I'm out!

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Don't believe the last review things are still the same, no renovations the place is now more of a eye sore. They have a huge solar panel on the roof that keep collapsing, they don't let the kids use the playground in the back so there is always kids in front and the building still a dump and eye sore

DRASTICALLY improved building to my amaze. I was asked by my family living at this location to move here and I sarcastically laughed and said you must be joking right? but I visited my family at this location and was stunned on the renovations done where as couple of years it was a eye soar but after seeing all the changes I believe the current manager is doing hell of a good job to keep everyone happy. I have stayed over a week and was pleased to see my family live in safe and pest free environ

ment as to my short stay experience I have seen people caring n polite. Supers are very active anytime you call them for anything and manager is always available and friendly personality. Keep up with the good work. I am looking forward to move in close to my family in short future.

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Bob is a nice guy! Doesn't mean the building is nice. If you're looking for roaches for roommates, look no further. My apartment was infested with them. If you're considering moving in, check out everything before doing so. Laundry rooms, garbage chutes, stairwells(which smell like pee) and hallways on different floors. Knock on a few doors and talk to the tenants too, I'm sure they can tell you how it really is.

An absolutely horrible building. It's completely infested with roaches. Couldn't go a day without one scurrying across the floor. There were even some stuck between the wood floor and the coating on top of it. The hallways, laundry room, and maintenance of the building were awful. Example: In the middle of winter, there was flooding in the electrical room. Instead of hiring a professional to fix it, they used someone else who made it much worse. The entire building was out of power for days, and

we were told by police that it wasn't safe to stay in the building. No compensation was given when it came to us paying our rent. DO NOT LIVE HERE. Spend a little more, and get a place that is livable.

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Worst building EVER i recenlty locked keys in an apartment the on site supervisor William did nothing to help he informed for me to call the manager Mona after 5+ phone calls that went unanswered we went to his apartment listed on the board at the office he than got extrmeley irate threatening us to leave his front door he doesnt care about us and we should F*** off and called me and my friend stupid several times yelling so loud that half of the tenants where looking out of there doors I never

once raised my voice tried to explain that we have attempted to contact the manager but the manager could care less she actually answered the phone once and immidiately hung up on me.

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Lived here for 10 years, just recently moved out because I got a job out of city. I've heard complaints about bed bugs and roaches in the past, but for the last 2 or 3 years it's been far better. the staff are great and accommodating to all needs...I am really surprised at some of these comments, but I guess there are always bad apples.

I understand the problems of the building. However, I have seen Bob Deb personally supervise and work hard and often under extreme stress to upkeep the building.

He is a sensitive and a caring man who sometimes has to take the brunt of managing a building that has aged and requires regular maintaining.

His staff who do the work are polite, congenial and work hard.

There is no doubt that older building are hard to look after. However, the staff and Bob do what ever they can and on a

regular basis.

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There are Cockroaches at this Adress! on the First floor In the Mosque, i just Wonder If anything could help

bottom of the pitts not even. That building is flippen hell on the face of this earth. Why is nothing being done about this apartment about the management this place really needs to be distroyed demolished. i can't beleive this, it's really really really f***ing bad somthings needs to be done . These roaches and bedbugs are going to spread like wild fire watch and see. when move out of this building you better make sure you don't bring the little bastards with you cause that one roach can tune

into thousands before your eyes can witness. When you see wild fire . You only need one and prey to God it's not pregnant with little hatchling egg.

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bottom of the pitts not even. That building is flippen hell on the face of this earth. Why is nothing being done about this apartment about the management this place really needs to be distroyed demolished. i can't beleive this, it's really really really f***ing bad somthings needs to be done .

you'll have nightmares once u live here!! Dont believe Bob!He talks NoNsenSE!!!

sam 24/02/2011

this is the worst apartment ever. we had to spend a day in the community center as there were no power in the apartment. and weekends there,s no not water and the heating in the apartment is very poor and most of all there are lots of cockroches running in the house. u can see them running on the celing too. repairs are never done quickly the manager bob deb donot take any care on the tennats complains the celing in some places are falling apart.garbage are not dumped properly

in the garbage chuts poperly.all tenants in this building should vacate this apartment asap.the managment only cares on the rent. they incrase the rent the way they like. apartments are rented for many diffrent prices. there no fixed amont. the government should condemn this building and demolish this.

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This is worst building I have ever seen .D0NT RENT HERE AT ALL.so many Violations on this building.Disgusting building & management.

This is very bad place to live.The maintenance is
very very bad.We have to stay in community center
on 20th Jan 2011 because there is no power for two days.The property managers don't bother about
tenants even we have complaints.They want money that's all.We want to move as soon as possible.So many roaches in apartments and even in corridors.They triggers new immigrants as they don't
know anything and they give apartment with just 1st
month and last month rent.

Jan 21, 2011-- had a major power outage due to managements lack of care And concern. I have lived in this building for 1.5 years...worst building I've rented by far. My kids are constantly getting sick because their heating system never works!!! Roaches are roaming abouts my apartment..its disgusting to say the least.
The supers don't do their jobs properly. You fill out a work order but won't get done till a week later. Its about time for this building to be demolished and rebuilt! Bob the bu

ilding manager lies about everything! DO NOT RENT HERE!

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I've been living here for a year and it's by far the worst building I've been in. The building super, Silver, is incompetent and isn't fit for his position. The hallways are disgusting, usually smelling of bad food, cleaning products, and garbage. (The tennants on the 3rd floor leave garbage piled up outside the garbage chute) The hot water is tempermental, constantly being off and on. The power goes out sometimes, and the management is extremely slow at fixing the issues. There are leaks and

bugs on top of it all. I'm paying 750 for a one bedroom and feel that I'm paying too much. They should pay their tennants to live there. This building should be shut down, and demolished. Absolutely disgusting.

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this building is disgusting...full of roaches and pest. The hallway really smell like piss and amonia mixed together. The elevators are the worst to get stuck in. The place has bed bugs and roaches all over the place.
I have seen alot of ghetto buildings. Honestly this is by far the worst worst worst building ever seen.

First I was lured in by the price. 850 for a large two bedroom and solarium (which turned out to be a balconey that was windowed in). They were renovating the apartments as they came available. Another plus. BUT!!!! One look into one of the fire cabinets and you could see bedbug and cockroach bodies. You could smell where places were or had been sprayed for bugs. Then I had people living there, shaking their heads no at me as they passed the property manager. That was enough for me.

building is terrible just disgusting

Most ghetto building I've ever seen. Jane Finch got nothing on this building... hallways look incredible. Ceilings falling down, place smells of piss, ammonia and cheap pine sol. Bed bugs is just one of the worries you should have. Trust me, for $750 you could do better! I mean for an extra $50 you get a place 100x better then this place. This is bottom of the pitts. There should not be a need for a warning, once you see this place you know it's time to get moving.

This building is infested....

Walking through the building 9th floor, see a lot of bed bugs crawling, one of my friends parents live in the building and they said they told the landlord and nothing has been done thus far.

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