45 Grenoble Dr
Toronto, ON M3C

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I have lived in this building for 12 years. Through these years my family and i have suffered through bedbugs and roaches. The bed bugs come back monthly, the roaches yearly. Do not move into this building, you'll only regret it. The super is rude and usually blames you for the bugs before he decides to send in help. they do not upkeep the place, everything is dirty and old. Do not bother at all.

The super, his name is Kabir, I think is a piece of garbage. he does not know how to talk or behave.he is a rare, abusive, bull-shit guy. He should be kicked out from the building, although his wife, very well behaved, professional women and we love her. This guy should be kicked out

This building is very safe and clean building now. The lady in the office is very nice althouh her husband is a uncivilized guy. I don't know how she cope with this guy. The lady trying her best to keep the building nice. She is very professional and well behaved the super is opposite

I am live in this building is very dirty I tell every no com on this dirty place

If someone wants to rent a place @ 45 grenoble PLEASE go to supers apartment. On the ground floor I mean you guys do not need to go inside stay on the ground floor in front of his apartment very nasty from that place you will decide …u want to live this building or not. MISS ROGER.

Full of BED BUGS....i asked the super to clean or treat the bed bugs....super told me that i brought the bed bugs...stupid INDIAN super....and his wife

After ROGER moved out from this building as super….this building became like not safety place to live….new building manager and his wife does not know how to talk with people and these stupid couple thinks they know everything….PLEASE DO NOT MOVE this building.

After the new Management came, this building is the best building now and less complaints of pests. the new management is good and taking care of the problem.

when i moved in, it took me a week to clean an apartment from old stale pieces of food in the kitchen cabinets. I am extremely clean person, but the bugs started showing up in the bathroom first, they like to stay near water source. Then the kitchen... the worst bug of all was the superintendent, he is one rare abusive uncivilized individual. Even if you are the cleanest person, you can not control the whole building, and the bugs move easily through the holes in the walls, of which the apartme

nt has plenty.
Awful building, the worst I've lived in.

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There is a MAJOR problem with roaches and bedbugs in this building. The people in this building are dirty, they throw their garbage all over the floor.The super are uneducated,ignorant,discriminate,xenophobic.last month my family moved out.we are very happy that we did it.now we are living whit out the pressure from supers side. DO NOT recomend to anyone to live in this building!!

is the bedbug problem over at this building?

When will people learn that BBs have NOTHING to do with cleanliness? Read up on them people. They can happen to anyone.

Ive lived here since June 2010 to date
ive never had a single bug other then a flyp
might depend on how clean you keep your house
I'm a very tidy person with 2 dogs.

This is a very good, safe and clean building to live in. The new management are very friendly and nice. I lived 1 year here and never had bedbugs or roaches that I know of. I'm a very clean person and love it here.

The bed bugs problem in 45 Grenoble Dr. has been solved.

we(my husband, my baby and i) moved in an apartment at 45 Grenoble Dr. on August 2, 2010. A few days after, i found symptoms of insect bites, then my husband had similar symptoms, finally, my poor 22-month old baby. The symptoms persist and cause us great physical and psychological discomfort, expecially my poor baby. Before moving in this building, we had had never similar symptoms. Therefore, we informed the Management of the Building on August 10, 2010.The superintendant confirmed that our un

it was infected by bed bugs and also a few apartments in the building had infected by bed bugs. they arranged 2 treament to kill the bugs( they had at least one treament before we moved in the apartment). However, we continued to suffer the new bug bites. Furthermore, the beg bug problem has caused us a lot of inconvenience, including to prepare the unit for treatment, to do extra laundry every day(i have to put all the clothes and sheet in hot water then dry them everyday),etc. We cannot afford the time and energy to do this extra work so we asked the senior manager to terminate the lease and some rebate for the first month because we didn't use the bed room after we found and continued to find the bugs there. However, the senior manager of the property refused our request.

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