47 Thorncliffe Park Dr
Toronto, ON M4H

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47 Thorcnliffe Park Drive the worst building in Toronto. This building needs to be reported to Health and Sanitation department for all the inhumane conditions. If you are a white man/woman DO NOT DARE TO MOVE THERE. You will regret very quickly.

47 Thorncliffe Park Dr, is a dive I moved in with my family in spring of 2015 and moved out in 3 months management has big problem hiring good site staff the current guy doesn't seem to know which end is up never mind running a 6 floor building

It's just a matter of time before this property becomes a health and legal problem as far as I am concerned I don't recommend this rental property to anyone steer clear and keep looking somewhere else

This building like all the other buildings in Thorncliffe area is not only filthy and full of different types of infestations including bed bugs but is also inhabited by most uncivilized, apathetic and ignorant people belonging to low socio economic class. It is not only management of building number 47 that is responsible for the problems in this building it is tenants also who invite lot of their homeless relatives to come and share the apartment.

I had bedbugs , management sprayed my apartment quickly, I sprayed it first myself. I lost a new queen size bed, it was black on the bottom edges, I think it was bedbugs. I never got bitten. I am very happy with managements dealing with this. I do not have them any more, and that was 3 years ago.
Management is very dilligent in looking after these problems. I've never seen a cocroach, ever.
Sept 27 2014

Many buildings in Thorncliffe Park Dr have bed bug infestations.

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