8 Milepost Pl
Toronto, ON M4H

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LOL - What a shocker that ONCE AGAIN building management has poorly chosen a superintendent! These poor tenants. I left long ago because of all the bullshit, and I can't believe there are recent posts of complaints. Wait...I can believe that. Yep, bullshit bullshit bullshit here.

Christy is a dumb idiot. all she does it complain complain complain. If you want a superintendent (who people in the building have a petition against - an ACTUAL PETITION! EVERYONE HATES HER!) who is always asking questions that are irrelevant, who is ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT EVERY LITTLE THING, who never shuts her ugly mouth up...then live here. She is ruining my experience living here.

She is an ugly short filipina who likes to complain complain complain.
I can't wait to move out of here.

Building elevator is ALWAYS DOWN. the landlord doesn't maintain the building. it's been over 3 months and somehow the elevator is unavailable at least once a week(why does it take that long to fix something?) the superintendent, Christy, is a WEIRDO who is somehow addicted to her job. Walks around all day with her cellphone, always concerned about the building. She spies on everyone, asks questions that aren't even her business, and she's a complete nutcase (asks you personal questions all the t

ime, always concerned where you're going, etc). shes always watching the cameras and watching you, and she's called the cops on some people and even animal services. she's actually the most weirdest super i've ever met.

Building is unclean. Muslims all over this area. I want to move so i will when the lease is over.

worst area to live in. BEWARE.

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Sure - their version of 'clean order' in the building is black stained beige carpets lining the hallways, urine in the stairwells (animal and human), constant drug deals in the bushes out back, drawing of naked women on the hallway walls all around the elevators (very nice for the kids to view). People who leave their bags of garbage in the hallway for bugs. It is more ghetto than the ghetto.

There are break ins in the apartments and in the underground parking garage.

There are kids th

at carry guns INSIDE the building.

Yeah - this is a GREAT building.

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I was a tenant for 4 years in this building and it was the absolute worst place I've lived in my entire life. Between the constant superintendant changes, drug deals in the stairs and 3am raids on the fourth floor it made it next to impossible to feel safe in my own home, not to mention the nightmare it was dealing with the office for even the smallest things..and the pigeons!! 8Mile is not a place for you if you appreciate the small things, like safety, security, kindness and cleanliness.

8 Milepost has numerous cockroach and bed bug problems as well as a mice infestation. They have for the entire time I have lived here. I am a long term tenant who is NOT in denial as is this person writing who is on the 3rd floor (problably the super's friend who lives on that floor). talk to ANY LONG TERM TENANT - even the short term ones - NO ONE is happy in this building.
If you want a ghetto building that is filthy and a horrible living experience - move here. The supers are always irresp

onsible and verbally abusive.
There are NUMEROUS bed bug infestations in this building. Move in at your own risk. Management at head office is a NIGHTMARE and abusive.

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The previous report is a complete over exaggeration. I live in an apt on the 3rd floor and there is not one case of bedbugs on this floor. I heard one new tenant had them and they have since moved (probably the person responsible for the previous post). The building HAD a history of going through a couple of supers in the past couple years but now has settled with someone who seems to know how to keep clean order. I have spoken to our building manager on numerous occasions with concerns Ive h

ad and on each occasion he has been quick to respond. It upsets me so much when people write these false statements all over the net and the general public takes their word for it and believes it as fact when in truth its just a sad excuse for trying to get back at someone.

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Entire building is infested with bedbugs. Top to bottom. Had to break lease and move early. Extreme apathy and denial from building management.

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