88 Erskine Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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We live on the 3rd floor. We've had 3 treatments for cockroaches in the past month. The little buggers are persistent.

No bedbugs in our suite.

To the 2 people who posted here last month (Dec. 2015), what floor are you guys on, if you don't mind saying?

I have seen roaches (2 in the last 7 months), but not bed bugs...but am getting nervous now...

We haven't noticed any bedbugs (yet!) but this building is getting worse and worse.

With all the noise and disruption from the construction the cockroaches have come out in full force. We've seen 4 in our apartment in the last month.

My fiance and I were putting our recycling in the recycling room last night and saw about 8 in the span of the 3 minutes we were down there. I feel so badly for the people who live on the first floor.

Stay away from this building. And stay away from any G

reenwin buildings in general. They do not care about their tenants. They only care about making money.

December 10, 2015

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We found two lovely patches of bedbug droppings, eggs, and mature grubs. You should've seen the horror in my wife's lovely young face. 88 Erskine just proves to be a worse and worse place to live. Not only are the concierges clueless and lose packages (and don't reimburse for their mistakes), now we have bed bugs to deal with. The mattress is already gone, and the rest of the bed is on the way out too. Fantastic! Not only that, but the water shuts down weekly, the fire alarm also goes off weekl

y, there is a ton of noise from all the construction around the building. The building management wastes money on wine & cheese parties, UFC screenings and christmas decorations, instead of satisfying our basic needs, like water. Don't move in here. They even removed their facebook page following our complaint about all of the above. Don't live here!

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Can anyone tell me if there are still problems with bed bugs in this building? I am looking to move here in July.

i live on the eighth floor of this building and have no problems what so ever. this apartment building is like paradise,everyone is so friendly and helpful. the community is great,people say hi in the elevators and hold doors open for each other. all in all i have had an amazing experience and am really glad i moved here.I havent had any problems with bugs,from what i have seen it is super clean and tidy!

We were there for 4 years and had no problems. There was one guy who told me he had bedbugs in his apt and that the mgmt wasn't doing anything about it. However, this guy was certifiably nuts, the kind of neighbour you hope you won't run into in the elevator. Seriously, I heard him yell racial slurs at some kids one day, and he ranted and raved about various things when I would see him in the elevator. I doubted his story when he told me. I wouldn't be surprised if he is the author of the p

ost down below. Anyway, I have to say I loved this building. We were on the 24th floor and had no bedbugs ever, nor did I ever hear from any of my neighbours about a problem.

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My daughter relocated to Toronto and found residence at this building. Absolutely fine!! Bed bugs are brought in with people (and their mattresses), they are not in the unit waiting for them. Special thanx to their Concierge Peter for making her move-in easier. Regards Bob C. St. Catharines, Ont.

moved in six months ago and no probs yet. the building i just moved from had a major problem, but so far, this place is really good. super clean.

I moved to 88 erskine 6 months ago and found so many bedbugs and manangement told me I prob. Bring where I came from .. There all lier don't move in I can't wait for my lease to finish

I agree. I lived on the 17th floor for the entire time I was in school and it was nothing but great experiences. Not to mention, the building is spotless - I don't care what anyone says. There were days I would have to study in the movie room because they'd be vacuuming outside my apartment. That's definately not a bad thing! And bugs????????? No way. Never.

Have lived here for 9 years and no sign of any critters. I put in a work order on-line and it was finished the next day. Management and maintenance are great! I can't say enough about them. I love this building!

my boyfriedn has lived at 88 for 7 yrs and i live with him most of the time. first of all, anytime we had an issue with anything, its fixed in a day, the manager is better than ive ever had. also, i never saw an issue with bugs of any kind. i asked his neighbors and they say they never had problems either. its such a clean building and if my boyfreind ever has a problm they are fixing it right away.

I was living in this building and had problems with bed bugs . Had to move out finally. The management is not at all friendly(though they claim to be otherwise). don't move in.

I'm shocked to hear this... Have lived in this building since 2006 and have never heard anything about bed bugs. I lived on the 4th floor my first two years and then on the 18th (for a better view!!!!)

I've lived on a lower floor (5th) and a higher one (20th), for a total of 5 years. No problems ever!

Is there a problem with the upper floors of this building. I am thinking of moving into the 16th floor.

Pretty sure it is the 3rd floor. Just make sure you have no clutter around on your floors and you'll be able to spot them. They were going to fumigate his unit. I'll try to find out if it has already happened and repost.

Really!? If possible, can you let me know the floor number? I've lived here for 3 years (in two different units) and haven't had any problems or heard anything about this being an issue here. But again, I guess they probably want to keep it on the d/l. Unfortunately I'm stuck in a lease until early 2011. Any indication to the floor your friend has experienced this on would be helpful.

A friend just found bed bugs in this building. (November 2010). This building has evidently had bed bugs for years. Even if you painstakingly clean your own unit, they will return from another unit.

Do not move in. If you can afford to, move out. But make sure you don't take them with you!

can some please let me know if there is still bug a problem in this building i moving there soon and would like to know if i should start looking at other places.

we were in this building for a while.

When we initially reported the bedbags problems, the super wanted to dismiss our claims.

Later the apartment was fumigated,but nor the other apartments close to us, so the bugs kept reproducing. Terrible. We move out. Many other residents had reported the problem and they try to avoid other residents to be alerted of the problem

The Super is not a very pleasant guy, and not easy to get along with, when a problem arrives.

Also they had a serious

problem with the heat during the winter, is just too cold!!!!

Maybe someone should call the city inspectors.

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383 Sherbourne, Toronto, Ontario

My apartment had a major infestation of bedbugs. I had to pay for an exterminator, and that didn\'t even get rid of them. Avoid if possible.

A friend in this building had a terrible problem with bedbugs just recently..Nov 2007..it took a very long time to get rid of them. Surely there are other units that are affected..beware.

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