200 Balliol
Toronto, ON M4S 1C6

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Since we have lived in this building we have had problems with ants, cockroaches, and now bedbugs.

We found bed bugs in our apartment on 25 May 2015. We called the hotline for the apartments and were told that this does not constitute an emergency and to report it in the morning. We reported the bugs to the Super the morning of 26 May 2015. Building management couldn't get the pest control company here until Friday 29 May 2015 even though we assure him we could have all the preparations done

the after noon of the 26th.

We had an awful experience with the exterminator from Magic Pest Control. Very rude and condescending.

We had a follow-up treatment on 12 July 2015. We haven't seen any bugs since the treatment but it is still early.

I am shocked that building management has not messaged to anyone in the apartment building to inspect for bedbugs. I know for a fact there are many infested apartments in this building, yet nothing coming from management. Maybe they could get a hold of the situation if they were upfront about it and had everyone inspect their apartments, but their inaction is harming everyone in this building.

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