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Probably part of the reason there are roaches has to do with whats at the pic in the links. This is near one of the side entrances. Avoid RPMS Property Management at all costs. The shysters have no problem making a buck at your expense. Unfortunately the market can tolerate it because Toronto imports renters. Showed these pics to one of the staff and he told me its cleaner than where he came from.







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111 Davisville is an absolutely horrible building- just look at the reviews below. Here is a summary of my experience living here for approximately 2 years:

- disgusting and persistent cockroach infestation- had to fight with management to get pest control to come and they didn't show up the first 3 times I was told they were scheduled for. The roaches have been present in my unit- and all of my neighbors units for over 8 months.

- random watershut downs and inconsistent heating

- c

eiling leaks and pipe bursts

- pigeon infestations on almost all the balconies in the building

- Front entrance and parking renovations for almost a year

- Middle of the night firm alarms

- Constant noise disruptions from construction and so called matience

I could go on and on....

This building is terribly maintained given the rent cap in the area and the property management company only appears to maintain the building by sourcing the worst contractors for the cheapest prices. Overall if you value a clean and healthy lifestyle avoid this building bottom line! RPMS doesn't care about their tenants- they care about profits and skimp in every single area to maximize them. Please do yourself a favour and don't waste your hard earned money on renting a complete hole. There are lots of other buildings in the area managed by respectable and trust worth property companies.

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Current resident on upper floor. Since moving in I've had issues with cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, and even pigeons (living & laying eggs on my balcony).

The building sprayed my apartment for cockroaches before I moved in (not advising me of an issue, or that they sprayed). After still seeing roaches months after spraying I asked that the building spray again, however, they refused as I was only seeing a couple at a time (and not a large infestation).

The pigeons destroyed my balcony a

nd furniture, and were aggressive if I tried to go out on my balcony. The building informed me it was my responsibility to take care of my balcony, and if there was a problem I would need to install my own netting. They do not see pigeons as a pest problem.

I am positive I brought bedbugs in from the laundry room. The laundry room is NEVER clean. Front loading washer doors are kept closed so they never dry out and smell terrible (often leaving your clothes with the terrible scent as well). Half the dryers available do not work. The laundry room often has puddles on the floor and a strong moldy/musty smell. I have seen large roaches in the laundry room and hallway leading to laundry room on a regular basis.

Not sure if the building actually recycles or not as garbage and recycling go into the same bins.

I would not recommend moving into this building or dealing with any RMPS property.

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No problem in past years but this year roaches have reached upper floors too. On our upper floor, there was a man at the end of the hall who kept leaving bags full of food scrapes right on the floor in the garbage chute area. Instead of pushing them through the chute or taking them down to the green bin, he damped the bags on the floor and considered it done. They would be seen left there for the entire weekend sometimes, fluids started leaking. The smell of it!!! We were alarmed as this wa

s an open invitation for bugs to move in. Kept leaving notes for this to stop but the sad situation continued. Now the floor is full of cockroaches and several units have had to be treated. They’ve taken over the place. So difficult to get rid of.
You don’t see them during the day so much, but come night…… YES!!! The scene of utter horror. All you need to do is put the light on and you’ll see them scurrying in all directions. They are on countertops in the kitchen (no matter how clean), behind fridge, cooker, in the cupboards. They get inside the fridge and contaminate food there no problem at all. We caught several roaches inside fridge – regular occurrence now. They crawl all over our clean dishes so you have to clean them twice: once when they are dirty and just before you use them. How exhausting!
One lunch time we had just taken fish out of the oven, left it to allow standing time. Turned around and within minutes found cockroaches attached to it – inside the dish already feasting on juices of our lovely salmon!!!
We see them on the walls, inside half-finished cups of tea. It’s been a nightmare, a living hell, an unspeakable stress. Combined with construction dust & the noise – the constant drill starting as early as 7am, this has been the last straw. They seem to crawl through the vents, heating system and from under the door. The plague reminds one of the 10 plagues of Egypt. Frogs were everywhere, in the water, on the land, inside the houses, squashed underfoot. Lice and mosquitoes insects entered the eyes, ears and noses of the field workers, laying eggs everywhere, so that the place crawled with larvae.
You cannot as much as leave a sandwich on the counter and walk away anymore. Chances are the roaches will get to it sooner than you. We have had to throw away so much food as a result. It seems 111 Davisville kitchens are no longer safe places to eat. Roaches compete for the food with you making your tenancy very miserable indeed.

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6th floor infestation of bedbugs in one unit (confirmed) and neither adjoining tenants nor tenants on the floor or in the building were informed of this by management (management knew of the issue but kept it quiet from other tenants.)

Cockroaches are an issue as well. Management does not take any preventative measures and will only treat your unit if you request it, rather than treating the entire building.

The building advertises a rooftop pool and rooftop terrace - both have been out of

service since I moved in in January 2015 and every time I ask management about it they tell me it should only be another week - the entire summer has come and gone and no one's been able to use the amenities we're charged for. All this, and I've just received a rent increase notice.

Not a great experience renting from these people and am thinking of moving when my lease is up.

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Confirmed bed bugs on the 6th floor (don't want to put down the exact room, but the tenants confirmed it). It was sprayed, but they didn't tell any of their neighbours. It was a sheer fluke I ran into the exterminators. Took steps to protect ourself and warn neighbours as management did not warn us.

My husbandclives in the 9th floor 111 davisville for 4 year and he says there was ni problem until october 2014 , he started seeing some roaches in the kitchen...all the floor was infested...aand when I came to canada in November 2013.we used to see alot of them, and called the management, and we had the 1st spray whivh did nothing...my husband used to kill a lot of then everyay day

we traveled for a week (vacation) in july 2014 and we came back to find a tone of them (I cant even write or p

ronounce their name.... yuck) every where in the appartement. ....I couldn't sleep or cook or even use the bathroom,illli used to go upstairs (the ex floor to use the pool bathroom). ..then we asked for a 2nd spray...and the guy who fills in the holes didn't show up the day that he was suposed to come.
after all this we saw only few of them...and now it s ok..we found one yesterday in the bathroom aftet long time of peace.
we are planning to move...aand I hope I can find a very cleane appartement somewhere else...the only good thing here is the area its close to everything we need....but the building not really

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No bedbugs (yet) but there is a Pharoah Ant infestation. I haven't been able to put things in my bathroom or kitchen since October without them being covered in ants. The Pest Control guy is useless and I cannot afford a real one. Putting any extra funds to moving out. Too many problems with this building and I have lived here a long time. Management does the very smallest and cheapest thing it can do to resolve issues....so basically they don't get resolved.

Run by apparent slumlords RPMS Property Management Services Inc.


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I'm sorry but you're incorrect. I am a 9th floor resident and I did not write that other review. Just because it starts with the same sentence do's not mean it was written by the same person! I don't know what floor you're on but my experience has been very different.

I moved out because of the bedbugs. Elevators always broken, roaches. They use Enercare for utilities so all admin fees downloaded to tenant. This place is run by CAPREIT so its all about profit and squeezing every last dollar out of the tenants for a shoddy product. They can get away with it because we import 1000s of suckers every year and the location is central.

p.s. posts "getting better on 09/26/2014" & "9th Floor Resident on 12/07/2014" are by the same person
"Current resident of 111


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Current resident of 111 Davisville, moved in May 2014 and I have not seen any beg bugs or cockroaches. My apartment is nice and cosy and the building is quiet. Yes the management can drive you crazy but they deal with problems straight away. The building is old so its not going to be 5* but I find it perfect as its in close range to the subway, stores, has a swimming pool and a great view of downtown from the rooftop. Also they have installed 3 new elavators. I would recommend this place.

This place is horrible, everyone complaining about bed bugs. Amir Hashemi, one of the property guys, did nothing.

Current resident of 111 Davisville, 2nd floor unit. I think a lot of these problems have been dealt with recently! I've been here two years, and they seem to have a regular bug schedule of every 4-6 months in every apartment. I've only ever seen the bugs after spraying, and they usually die or are unseen of again for another 4-6 months.

Main floor is Toronto Community Housing and the building management has done a lot better job at screening/ following up on complaints.

No bedbugs on our

floor either.

Also, all elevators have been replaced, and maintenance requests are dealt with immediately.

CONS: when I moved in they painted over the grease on the cabinets in the kitchen, took out our double sink, and painted the doors without sanding, so some of them stick. It's better, but still not 100%. Showers in pool area are still disgusting.

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There must be more that people can do about this building, to force management to deal with the bug problems. What are our options other than postering the neighbourhood warning new tenants to stay away?

Bedbugs on upper floors. Cockroaches in hallways. If you're unlucky, they'll sneak under your door and get into your apartment to stay with you for better or for worse.

Showers in swimming pool area are filthy--superintendents are supposed to clean the shower stalls but it looks like they don't as orange and black mold is increasingly colonizing the tiles. I'm sure James Cameron filmed the fungus scenes from Avatar in these shower stalls.

Getting a proper hot shower (in your apartment) on

a cold morning is a challenge--something wrong with the pipes. I would have showered in the swimming pool area, but was always too scared to come out with fungus attached to my feet.

One of the superintendents (no names mentioned) is flat out rude not to mention lazy, so good luck getting urgent jobs done urgently, or well.

Site administrators will promise that things will get fixed just to shut you up, but nothing will be done.

You will be promised that your apartment will be fixed prior to moving in, but you will find yourself moving in and nothing has been done. And finding somewhere else to stay while the contractors fix your apartment will be on you.

Go elsewhere to rent as this place is not worth the headache.

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Roaches.. roaches EVERYWHERE! When someone complains of an infestation, management will either do nothing, or just spray the one apartment. All this does is drive the infestation into a neighbouring unit and eventually, right back into the original unit.

-Two 5% rent hikes in 2 years
-Unreliable elevators
-Insecure parking area (lots of break ins)
-Incompetent management (High employee turnover in the mgmt office
-mice on the main floor
-Guy running prostitutes out of his unit
-Drug d


Avoid this place at all costs!

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Bugs of many types on the upper floors now. I can only imagine what the lower floors are dealing with.

First I want to say that I've lived in 141 davisville for about a year and have had very little problems dealing with anything. I have had no bed bug reports and haven't seen anyone on my floor with this issue. I recommended my mother a building close by so she has moved into 111 davisville. I have never in my life dealt with such terrible management experience in my life.

The main problem is that they lied directly to our faces when we asked about the bedbug reports. They lied and said they

'd do the basic renovations (ie. repaint walls, varnish floors, etc..) before our move in date. when my mother moved in she had to pay an extra $200 from pocket because they didn't book the elevator for us. When she walked in they had JUST STARTED putting a new tub and putting up tiles in the bathroom. the kitchen hadn't been touched, there were no counter tops, they slapped on paint that same morning so the fumes were impossible to sleep in. the bedroom was forgotten and now the knobs to the doors are falling out because they won't open from excessive paint.

basically, if you're okay with false promises to lure you in a contract then RPMS is the perfect place for you. as i'm typing this a contracter has just finished painting the bathroom and left our corridor in white dust and dirty water puddles everywhere..
I've introduced myself to my neighbours who all say i should seal any gaps in the moulding and the hallway door to protect ourselves from bedbugs as they have been victims too.

my mother has had to pay for a hotel to stay in for the first week. The stress is just not worth it.

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Like the last poster, I also live on the 15th floor of 111 Davisville. I came back from vacation in September to see management spraying for roaches in the other room. I walked in to my apartment for the first time in a week and there were a ton in my (immaculately clean) kitchen. Management so far has ignored all my requests for bug spraying, along with the repair request for my broken tap, broken toilet and yellow water coming out of the kitchen sink.

The elevators are constantly breaking

down. Out of 3 elevators, one won't go up with any more than 4 people in it. 2 will stop at random floors. The last time an elevator broke down it took them 3 weeks to fix it, it was also the service elevator so it screwed over people moving in/out.

Last year they asked for a 4.7% rent hike and it was approved. This year they're looking for an additional 5%.

Calling the rental office is a nightmare. It seems like every time you call its a new person and its their first week on the job. We've gone through so many property managers they stopped bothering to notify us. They can't keep staff at the rental office, everyone quits and they don't train the new people properly so nobody knows wtf they're doing.

When I gave them my 2 months notice I told them -very specifically- NOT to enter my apartment for showings without notifying me. I don't want my dog attacking anyone, and i'd like to make sure the place is presentable. They showed the place 3 times without telling me.

The lower floors are absolutely overrun with mice and roaches. The laundry room is good, and reasonably priced but ghetto motherfuckers in the building steal your laundry... seriously, who the fuck steals laundry!?

My entire floor reeks like weed on a daily basis. There's some degenerate there that's selling weed out of his apartment and management has done nothing about it. There's another guy that sells coke in the lobby frequently.

2 years ago when I moved in it was a nice place. It's gone downhill since then.

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I lived on the 15th floor of 111. Thankfully I have now moved out. I am 28, female and very clean and yet my place had roaches and mice. I filled out 8 work orders since I moved it and they would spray my kitchen but that did nothing to stop the problem, each time it would work for 2 weeks then the roaches would be back. the issues are way larger than one unit. Plus at that cost for rent, you can rent a brand new condo... that is what I did. I was fed up and got out of there. I get that "Dan Mac

k" might care, but there are serious issues with this building!

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Last year they asked for (and won) a 4.7% rent increase, this year they're asking for an additional 5% rent increase. I don't know what "capital expenditures" they're going to make up this year but they sure as fuck haven't fixed anything. I'm going to give my 2 months as soon as I can find something else in the neighbourhood.

I think eveyone is taking their problems out on Dan Mack. He is not a magician. Ive met him, and he was quite helpful. He didnt give you bedbugs people. Shhheeeesh, Maybe more of these people need to clean their apartments up and spend less time looking for someone to blame! Dirty Pigs!

Never have I had an issue with bedbugs or management.

The majority of these posts don't even relate to bedbugs. People complain about the condition of the building but then also complain about construction. Buildings need to be updated and Capreit does a pretty good job at keeping the building in good repair. Personally, I think this building is well maintained and construction does not drag on endlessly. What is necessary is done.

As far as Dan Mack is concerned, I think he is a very fai

r individual. He listens to concerns, explains his decisions and follows up with concerns. Anytime I've been in contact with him, he has been polite, respectful, and professional. I sincerely question anyone who has had an issue with him (you probably have an issue with almost everybody you meet).

I will continue to live at 111 Davisville and I encourage others to as well. How about we keep this post about bedbugs instead of slandering someone you don't even really know.

And Anonymous, "husk" means useless so your wording is redundant.

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CAPREIT are slumlords... Daniel Mack is a disrespectful individual who does not listen to tenants and makes arbitrary decisions without following the housing act. Be sure to stand up for your rights before making any agreements with CAPREIT.

Ryan, if you haven't had problems yet, you're lucky. Though there are some reports of bedbugs, ants are the big problem as they linger all year. The lower floors also have mice/rats. Yes, the elevators are more or less working now, but they jump between floors (terrifying) and there are problems with the control panels flickering and skipping floors. Most tenants have had issues with management (especially the new management) who are trying to increase rent well beyond the allowable limit and wh

o never return calls when you have issues. When you do need something like an oven or fridge replaced, it has been my experience that they take weeks to do so.

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I dont get all these terrible reviews. Maybe under the old management there was a problem. But I just moved in recently and so far management has been great. All apartments upgrades were done promptly. The elevators work efficiently (never wait more then 2min even during rush hour) and I haven't seen one bug at all.

Management is terrible. Dan Mack is a useless husk of a human being. My heat wasn't working until mid-November despite calling the management office a few times a week. Currently my heat is on but it shuts off for 8-12hours at random. Whenever the heat goes out I turn on 2 750W space heaters (power is included in rent, so who cares)

Rampant theft from cars in the underground parking lot, there were a few weeks in the fall where I'd see broken car windows every day. On Friday December 2nd our

front door entry system broke and wouldn't let anyone in. Management's fix was to keep the bolt open and let anyone in. I called the after hours number on Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday evening and nothing has happened. The after hours line is an answering service that just passes messages along to deaf ears.

The elevators have been in disrepair for the entire time I've lived there. Sometimes you can get an elevator within 30 seconds, average is 1min(when all 3 are working). Elevators will break down completely a few times per month and take at least a week to work again. Some woman was taken to the hospital after she had a panic attack after being trapped in the elevator overnight. The middle elevator likes to randomly stall at certain floors, sometimes it'll go into a loop where the door won't be able to close, usually it takes 20-30 seconds to work.

The management office has had at least 5 new operations managers since I came here in August 2010, clearly nobody wants this job.

The maintenance staff in the building are great people, you can tell they're doing the best they can with limited resources but the management clearly doesn't give a shit.

On the plus side, I haven't heard of people having bedbugs.... I have however seen a bunch of mice on the first floor.

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Some many people complained that the city dispatched a mobile inspection unit this summer.
And now they are trying desperately to not get more citations. The only way to deal with this scamming managemnent is to report them to the city inspectors.

Here is the the list from the city website: http://app.toronto.ca/ApartmentStandards/details.do?propertyId=12901013

09/14/11 First off i don't think the supts. are good....i think they are great! any problem i've had has been taken care of quickly...management seems to be always trying to better this building because i see different tradesmen not just once in a while but every week...bedbugs? don't have any..cockroaches...never saw one...at least not in my apt.elevators were noisy but that was fixed. the longest i've every waited for an elevatoris two minutes.. really.well maybe three minutes...but bottom l

ine this is an older building and management seems to be doing a good job at trying to update it...nothing happens over night...

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Ok, I have lived here for a year and half, and have had very few problems. People are lying when talking about the heat being shut off and I do live beside the elevator. It has never woken me up and if you are such a light sleeper, then don't move to a unit beside an elevator. Simple solution.

There are water shutoffs (during the 9-5 day) but we always get notice, and also get notice for the many fire related inspections. If you know the water is being shut off, have a shower the night befor


The management doesn't always reply to phone calls right away, but we have always had our issues tended to. And the super is a nice guy.

As for the elevators, if you are actually waiting 15 minutes, then maybe you should start to consider the stairs. Unless you physically can't use them, there is no excuse. I have two dogs and have gone up and down them by choice many times. When people are moving, they are slow and also when one is acting up, but it is hardly the worst probem in the world. I have never had to wait 15 minutes.

This building and the management are adequate and I have had a pretty decent experience. If you want a perfect and amazing building, then rent a condo. Otherwise, when work is being done, be patient. They can't cater to your every whim and finish work at the same time. There will be inconveniences.

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09/10/11we should punish the entire management team by making them live in this building including their rental agents so they can get a firsthand experience of the joys of taking a cold shower every morning before going to work. if you live on the upper floors above 11th there is a problem with getting hot water above that floor.now DAN MACK if i had that problem you know what i would do? I WOULD PHONE A PLUMBER AND GET IT FIXED....on another note i have never seen so many beds thrown out at t

he end of the month when those lucky people were moving at end of the month...things that make you go hmmmmm......also seems more people are moving out than in.got to wake up DAN wake up those paychecks might stop soon..............

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Management really should advise all residents of this situation so we can collectively combat the issue -- rather than ineffectively try to solve it on a case by case basis. It's ridiculous that people's furniture/beds/clothes have to be ruined before management acts. If prevention is the key, I say bug-bomb the entire building, tenants caulk your baseboards and seal as many gaps as

possible, and just be attentive to the situation.

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I agree the whole management is just liars specially Dan Mack. Bed bugs and don't get me started on the roaches and mice. They are running around in the lobby and the super is like "so what" There are overprized , the buildings around are much better. I can't wait to move out this hell!

08/14/11 i have only been here 3 months and already can't wait to move....I can count on one hand how many days i've had hot water just to do the dishes...the elevators...all the stories are true as well as if you live next to them you won't be able to sleep from the banging clanging and scraping from the elevator cables....i would like to invite dan mack the operations manager to spend just one night next to the elevators actually a couple of nights and he will see how fresh and alert he is at

work the next day...oh by the way the just did an elevator upgrade//////sure you did...all this company does is lie ...do yourself a favour and don't even consider this building..

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New landlords are just as bad or worse than Capreit. Bugs of all kinds and rodents continue to plague the building and its impossible to get a phone call returned when you do have a problem. Also you will regularly have to take the stairs as the elevators never work

CAPREIT is one of the worse landlords in Toronto. Do NOT rent from them.


I'M about to sign a lease. Any recent issue?

Thank you

People, this is not a forum to complain about general maintenance issues about the building. While I agree with most of the posters here that this building is in rough shape and that management does little to fix some pretty serious problems, this site should be used for posting problems related to bed bugs ONLY. If you have had a problem with bed bugs, by all means, write about it: when it happened, how bad it was, how the management dealt with it, and even a general area of the building that

you're in. If you want to complain about the building or the management, your comments would be more appropriate on a site like myhood.ca. Personally, I have lived here for two years and have not experienced any issues with bed bugs, nor have I directly heard of anyone who has. I am sure there have been a few isolated incidents here and there, but I don't believe there is a serious problem yet. That said, I will likely move sooner rather than later as all the other issues with this place are becoming increasingly frustrating, but as far as bugs in my apartment go, the worst I've seen is the odd fruit fly.

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I moved into this building in July 2010, right around the time management was changing.

Have I had a bedbug problem? No. But this seems to be the only place to write reviews about apartments in Toronto.

I lived across the street at 200 Balloil, under Greenwin previously and had a great experience. I moved out for about a year, and moved back to have a reasonable quality of life at an affordable price. I was hoping to have a similar experience, and I couldn't be more disappointed.


lot of people are saying that management doesn't care and that that they turn a blind eye to problems. I don't think its an issue of not caring, I this company is going out of business.

I don't think the elevators are broken. I think they shut them off at random floors to save money on electricity.

They heating has been turning on and off randomly all winter. I think they are rotating which apartments have heat and which don't. It's bulls**t that more than a month has gone by and its not fixed. I don't think they can afford to fix it. I think they are using the same method as the elevators to save money. I had to by an electronic heater to heat my place. My apartment is freezing right now. The super told me management knows and didn't say anything else.

I am totally disappointed with my experience here, especially when I had such a great experience living across the street. I'm pretty sure I'll be moving when my lease is up. I wouldn't dare to try to leave and have someone take over the lease. I have a feeling they would stop paying rent the moment they realize the poor quality of life this building provides.

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Do not live here!!! The complaints here are all legitimate. The property management does not care whether you have basic life services or not. We havent had heat for all of December 2011 and there is an extreme cold weather warning. Also now there's no hot water, 3 days running--the propoerty manager basically told us to go fuck ourselves.

I'm writing to voice another side to this equation. I have lived in these building for nearly 10 years. First in 33 and then in 111. Never have I had an issue with bedbugs but I consider myself lucky since the city in general is having infestation issues. I have never seen a cockroach in my apartment but did see one in the lobby a couple times. Anytime I've needed a repair or had an issue, the super was at my apartment within one to two days. Things have always been fixed promptly and I don't st

ress about the issue with the elevators. They're several decades old and things don't work as well when they're older. To the people who complain about the elevators and the construction...move into a brand new condo because we should be happy they're updating things at all. They could always leave things the way they are, but then you'd complain about the outdated facilities. Some people are never happy.

I like this building, despite having to wait 5 minutes sometimes for an elevator and the ongoing construction for the last 2 years. When it's all done, things will look great and should be more efficient for all.

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This is the cheapest building in the area, and there are MANY MANY reasons why.
1) Construction - Constant, has been going on for the last year non stop on parking garages, elevators, garbage chutes. Until recently they had tenants bringing down garbage/recycling by hand and the dumpsters were put in the front parking lot. It looked terrible and smelled worse.
2) Elevators - Its simple. They never work. They freeze on a floor and will not move, and it is quite common to only have one of the

three elevators working if any at all.
3)Management - They have been made aware of all the issues and yet nothing is being done. They have had crews come and inspect the elevators numerous times and still they wont spend the money to fix them properly.

It is so bad now that tenants have actually filed a class action suit against the building and management. If the tenants are actually pursuing legal means, you should be able to figure out how bad this building really is


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I moved in July 2010, aparantly to a bedbug infestation. I have been trying to get this problem fixed since then. I am VERY clean and never had this before, I have hot dried and bagged everything I can, used diatomaceous earth, even sealed the horrible baseboards MYSELF... along with many other precautions. The management and supers in this building are horrible and take forever to do anything. Including the fact that it took me weeks of harassing them to get even a bedbug spray team when I had

Toronto Public Health come in and tell them they had to treat for bedbugs. This building is in a great area and cheaper than others.... for a REASON! Dont move here if you can help it!

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I cannot speak for the other tenants, I can only speak for myself. 111 Davisville Ave HAS a bed bug problem. If you can avoid living there, DO IT!! Sadly, the bed bug problem is not the only issue.

CLASS ACTION SUIT BY TENANTS: recently a large group of tenants, at 111 Davisville, who are frusterated with the run-down nature of the building have launched a formal complaint with the Landlord and Tenant Board and are contemplat

ing a class action law suit against CapReit, the owners of 111 Davisville.

LAZY MANAGEMENT TEAM: If you ask to have something fixed they simply don't do it. Can't put it simplier than that.

ELEVATORS DON'T WORK: the elevators do not work at 111 Davisville and you can wait for up to 15 minutes for service.As well, the elevators are filthy with people leaving garabage inside them. I actually saw a used piece of toilet paper one day.

PARKING UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND DAMAGES TO TENANTS CARS: the parking has been under construction since June, and they have done a sloppy job of rerouting traffic and my car has been personally damaged by the LAZY WORKERS leaving nails around. My tire was punctured and they wouldn't do anything about it.

CLOGGED TOILETS: the toilets clog quite easily and the Management company that runs the building DOES NOTHING to rectify the situation. They let you sit there for days and days on end with a clogged toilet and don't seem to care.

These complaints are merely the tip of the iceberg. Take it from someone who knows, 111 Davisville doesn't care about their tenants - they only care about their rent cheques.

Jerome Hanson
Toronto, ON

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I'm the one who made the third post on this site back in December 2008. I ended up moving in and the place has been fine. I definitely have never had bed bugs in my apartment nor have I heard of anyone in the building having a problem in the year and a half that I have been living here. I don't think there is anything to worry about, if the person from the first post actually did have a bed bug problem, I am sure it was an isolated incident and I agree with the poster who said that the manage

ment would likely take care of it quickly.

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Wow, I am looking for an apt and was considering Davisville area and this high rise. And I found this, ugh(!) is it all right?? or is it better not to take a chance?

I've lived here for 3 years and have never had a problem. The super is a great guy too. If there were any problems he'd get on top of it and fix it. Managment office is quick to act on any issues as well. My fridge was acting up and I had a new one within days.

Has anyone else experienced this problem recently? I am considering moving in here but I'd like to know if this is a widespread problem in the building or an isolated incident.

I am supposed to sign a lease for 111 Davisville, has anyone else had this problem???

I have been trying to manage the bed bugs in my apartment for well over half a year now. My first step was to cover the mattress with a vinyl cover, that seemed to stop them for a while. The next step was to remove the wooden bed frame, and everything that was stored underneath it, this also stopped the bites for a while. I have now gone through everything in my bedroom, removed all the clutter, vacuumed out all of my dresser drawers and the cabinets, and all around the baseboards and picture

frame and under and around the mattress that is now sitting in the middle of the floor, and finally gone through and cleaned out my closet, bagged up all the wool blankets and put them out on the balcony in the snow along with my luggage. I have caught a few live bugs over the months, but have yet to see the "evidence" of them. I phoned Toronto Health about the problem, and they sent me a photocopied package of information. According to them it is not my obligation to tell my landlord. I am going to tell him on Monday. I hope they have pet friendly pesticides.

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