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I have been living in the building for 8 years now and up until about 3 or 4 years ago it was great... then the building was taken over by new management and EVERYTHING went downhill from there. They've made "upgrades" meaning they've replaced 40 year old elevators and put in a wheelchair accessible ramp... and every time they make these "upgrades" they jack up the rent! they have done nothing in my suite even though I have put in a complaint many times about several replacements needed over th

e last 5 years. the new people moving in are getting brand new everything in their suites for 100 less a month then people who have been living in the apartment for years. I, and many other people are DONE with this building I'm moving as soon as my lease is up!

as for bugs, my suite has not had a problem with bedbugs at all its mostly the floors that have people moving in and out often, I have however had a cockroach problem but haven't seen any recently

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Don't bother moving in here because you will be moving out as soon as your lease is up. Here is an overview of what a typical day is like at 141 davisville.

In the mornings you will wake up and spend 5 minutes killing cockroaches in your kitchen and bathroom. Regardless of how "clean" you keep your apartment, you'll have cockroaches because the whole building is infested and the exterminator can't do anything unless the whole building gets evacuated. You will then come home to your apartment

and will spend another 5 minutes killing cockroaches before going to bed.

If you live on the lower levels, you will also have a pigeon infestation on and around your balcony so you actually won't even be able to use ur balcony and you will be breathing in pigeon faeces on a daily basis. The building won't do anything about it because it is "your" responsibility to hire someone and put a net up.

Once October rolls in, you apartment will be freezing because of the outdated and extremely thin windows that let a lot of draft in. Our apartment was 17 degrees all winter, which is illegal, and the property managers were completely aware of this. They will try to put a plastic bag over your windows if you complain but that might only warm up your apartment by 2 degrees. You will end up spending about $150-$200 on hydro per month because you will end up buying little heaters and you'll use the stove to heat the apartment.

Also if you are someone who likes to host, you most likely won't be doing so while living here. Unless you don't mind cockroaches crawling around the walls every now and then while your guests are enjoying their dinner.

Visitor parking? Forget about that on the weekends. Apparently now there are some apartments with mice infestations but we did not encounter any problems with that in our unit.

Save yourself some money/ time and stress and don't even bother moving in here, especially if you have small children or don't like cockroaches/ freezing apartments. They might impress you with the location and their renovated unites but honestly, it is not worth it.

I hope this helps at least one person from moving in here because we really wish someone had told us this before we moved in.

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I usually don't leave negative comments, but after my beyond horrifying experience at the 141 davisville buiding - I needed to share it with the people who are considering moving in. First off, I would like to say that I'm a nurse by profession and I am very clean and obsessed with my home being in prestine condition. Having said that, after a few months of living in the building - I noticed 1 or 2 roaches in the apartment on a regular basis. I took the matter into my own hands (didn't want to d

eal with the awful representatives in the leasing office) and bought the home spray pest remedies at Canadian tire. I sprayed the whole can and was horrified when approximately 50-60 cockroaches started crawling out of cracks in the kitchen cupboards. Some died on the spot, others spread around to the living room area. My husband came home and we sprayed another can of the roach spray and the next day they were back, but this time instead of seeing 1 or 2 every few weeks , we saw up to 10 roaches on a regular basis. The leasing office had us on a wait list to get the fumigation for over 2 months. I'm terrified in sleeping in my apartment now, because I'm not sure what's going to be crawling over me in my sleeping state. I am currently in the process of moving out. This is by far the worst place I have ever lived in.

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I have lived in this address since 2010 and I have not had any problem with bedbug or any other pests.
It depends on your own cleaning habit. I clean my apartment at once/week and I did not see any mice or bugs or other things. If you don't clean your place, it does not matter where you chose to live, you WILL see bugg or mice.

Hello everyone, i would just like to note that i also saw numerous cockroaches and pests in the hallways, the laundry room and the garbage chute. the building is frankly gross. friends of mine who live on the 17th floor and the penthouse have recently had a mice infestation. i would strongly suggest not moving in. Having said that, location is great. Rent is affordable. If you dont mind cockroaches, mice and bedbugs feeding off you at night - enjoy your stay at 141 Davisville.

Apartments in this building should be free of charge, because the living conditions are TERRIBLE. I am currently living in a cockroach infested apartment. I've already complained several times to the management, however I still have to wait 4 weeks before the exterminator comes in to fumigate the apartment, simply because the management doesn't want to pay extra. Last night I woke up at 1am because a giant cockroach was crawling on my arm. If you go to the washroom in the middle of the night, yo

u will see 10-20 cockroaches hanging out in the sink. It's really disgusting.

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I had heard of other tenants having problems with bed bugs, roaches and mice but didn't have any issues up until this past summer (2012) - roaches and mice. Began to see roaches in the laundry room and garbage shoot and then more recently, in my apartment. Found out a few weeks later from management they aparently did a 'block spray' of over 10 apts at the other end of my hallway without telling the other tenants and the roach problem spread to my end of the hall. They also admitted there was a

huge mice infestation in the building and after 'patching' holes, I continued to see them in my apartment.

Thankfully, I'm out of that bulidng but had to pitch most of my belongings and am still having issues with management over money owed, even though I gave proper notice and had to move immediately due to health issues and because the apt/building was unlivable. For anyone thinking about moving into this or any other buildings along Davisville or buildings run by the same managament DON'T DO IT. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!

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Believe it or not they are not riciculous. I have been there for 10 years, and the last 2 years have been a nightmare. New management ordering elevator parts that did not work. Instead of fixing things that need fixing they have put flowers in the lobby and removed the suggestion box. They DO NOT give you 24 hours notice to enter your appartment!!

On numerous occasions they have called me to tell me they have not recieved my rent, but when I check my bank records the cheque has been cashed

. It blows my mind how un proffessional this place is.

I am looking to get out fast.

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I think that the stories that some of these people are talking about are alittle bit rediculaus. I think that 33, 111, and 141 Davisville are good buildings, people need to understand that it really dosen't matter where you live bud bugs and roches are in almost every building in toronto. GOOD LUCK TO YOU. As for the managment everyone in that office are very professional and helpful. Respect gose along way. This is very nice area to live in and i do recconmend these buildings.

This building has gone downhill. Do not move here. There has been no upgrades. The elevators suck. It smells, reports of bed bugs And it doesn't look like its going to get better anytime soon.

^What part of the building are/were you in??? I'm in that building now and very worried...

This has been going on since January. I have been getting bites every few weeks and the fumigation has not helped. The first time around they only fumigated my unit without fumigating other units. The second time around didn't help either. I am now moving out. Apparently, a couple of other units around me had bed bugs too, but management was trying to cover up and keep it very quiet. Stay away from this building.

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