18 Brownlow Ave
Toronto, ON M4S

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I have lived at 18 Brownlow for over 2 years and there are no bed bugs - anyone claiming that there are has brought them with them in their move. The buildings management is incredible and any issues I have had have been resolved in 24 hrs or less.

Bed bugs have been in this building throughout all the years I've lived here. I heard about this problem from several neighbours. There also was a bad mouse infestation several years ago.
Building also has very bad problem with owners never cleaning up after their dogs, you always have to hop over puddles of urine or dog feces on all sides of the building. For the price tenants pay $1100-1700/month, this building is not worth it. Don't let the nicely renovated lobby full you into renting here!


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Have not seen anything here not a bug since i moved it place is pretty clean and they do a good job in cleaning up regulary only been there for 6 months have not known any one with any issues.

Neighbours moved out a few months ago due to bed bugs. They threw out all of their posessions. The building came and sprayed once as far as I am aware (I saw them in the hall). Building said it was simply a maintenance spraying which I do not believe. I have heard others have had problems here. Also has a roach problem.

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