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After reading these reviews, I'm feeling lucky. I currently live here and have only minimal complaints. When we first moved in in September we had our apartment treated for cockroaches as a preventative measure because apparently someone above, below or beside us was having issues with cockroaches. Then a month later they treated the entire building for cockroaches so our unit got treated again. I have seen a total of 2 cockroaches and since the second spray haven't seen any. Some tenants can b

e loud but for the most part its okay. The 'front canopy' upgrade is a bit of a joke, it still looks terrible so I'm not sure what 'cosmetic' upgrades they did. Overall, not a bad place for me.

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I lived here for 4 and a half years. I had no complaints until at 4 years I saw a cochroach. I knew right away it was time to move. I am a clean freak and get extremely turned off by anything "dirty", especially due to the line of work I am in. After giving my termination notice there was still a grueling 60 days I had to spend in my apartment. The cochroaches started to multiply and I had to live with them, giving me nightmares and all. I couldn't wait to get out of there. A year and a half lat

er, I am just curious to see how the building is doing. I must say I am completely disgusted to see all the negative reviews about infestation of cochroaches still existing. GET IT TOGETHER!! And may I add that management did nothing when I told them about it right away

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cockroaches. they never ever go away. it's disgusting. it's like I would imagine a crack den would be like! I am preparing my unit for the 5th treatment in 4 months. I kill 5 a day at minimum (the ones i can catch). This is not a way to live for the money they charge. i've had this cockroach problem for over a year. don't rent here.

DO NOT RENT !!!!!!!!!!!!
I have lived in this building for 2 long stressful and over priced years. The unit are very small for what they charge. I live in an outdated 473 sq/ft bachelor and pay over $1000/mth. I recently spoke with the rental agent and he informed me that a full renovated bachelor unit is now going for $1250/mth.
When I moved in I was told that it was a quiet and peaceful building. LYING COCK SUCKERS!!! The very next week after I moved in they started garage repairs (4 months

of jack hammers @ roughly $500000), then the balcony upgrades (9 months of demo hammers @ almost $1.7 million), then plumbing upgrades (5 months of water shut downs and guys coming in and out @ roughly $750000). Constant pest control visits with very little to no success.
If you are looking for a building with security, this is not the place to look. They only have 6 or 7 security cameras for the whole building and no security patrolling the property. There have been a number of break ins in the past but management did nothing about creating a solution for the problem. They just keep spending money on cosmetic upgrades instead of insuring the safety of the residents that they greatly over charge.
In conclusion do yourself a favor and don't rent at this building. They don't care about their tenants just how much money they can squeeze out of them.

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DO NOT MOVE HERE!! I moved in this building in 2012 despite reading the reviews on this board about the problems in the building. At first I thought the people on here was crazy but they turned out to be right. First there was the floods and then the constant water shutdowns, and then there was the cockroaches, then break-ins, the more floods etc. Meanwhile building management has done nothing to address these issues but rather has been spending most of it's money on 'cosmetic' procedures on

the building. They've made over the lobby, they've made over the pool, they've painted the halls, they've put new balcony railings in place, they've landscaped etc, but have done nothing to address the real issues in the building.

Another big word of warning: get ready for big rent hikes! Two years in a row the management has applied for above guideline increases resulting in my rent going up over $100 in just 2 years.

These reviews are real DON'T MOVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sept 13, 2015. Waiting for management to treat not only my unit but the entire building and take the cockroach issue with urgent priority. While I was told I had to wait a week for the spray and live with dozens of them a day (I have killed so many each day, it has tramatized me) I did some of my own bait treatment: boric acid. You can pick it up at the drug store (ask pharmacist) and did a mix of paste bait and full on dusting all over the floors and counters. Don't use Raid, use the boric acid

, because Raid only works if you spray on them directly. Boric acid kills the ones you don't see and catch, and they are not immune to it, unlike commercial sprays where they can become immune. Fighting for all of us tenants for a clean, pest free building!!! Keep pushing management to make this a priority, everyone!!

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I haven't even been in this place for a month, I was not told before I moved in here that my bachelor apartment is INFESTED with Cockroaches. They came in to do the spray, and then told me I had to wait 2 weeks for them to come in again. After they sprayed the apartment the cockroaches have multiplied and now I'm seeing them in the washroom the front hall and more in the kitchen.

Being in a bachelor apartment I'm scared shitless sleeping in my bed since I'm scared these fucking cockroaches a

re going to crawl on me in the middle of the night.

I'm traumatized for life. The property management are not responding to my calls or emails.

I'm looking to get out ASAP and will be calling the health and safety act.

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My unit is infested with cockroaches again. This has been a year-long battle. I kill about 5 every day and bait and spray isn't doing anything. It's disgusting and I would not advise renting here. I have been a tenant for 8 years but this place has become a horrible place to live and I'm looking to move.

So let me first start off by saying I am actually obsessed with cleaning, so it isn't a case of cleanliness..

I noticed a dead roach one day in the bathroom, and began to freak out, as I have never seen one before, nor did I know what t o do. The building had come around previously and applied roach paste to all units when I first moved in, but this was a year later.

Then I noticed a dead one in my kitchen..

All in all, I've found maybe 6 dead ones over the space of a few months. I call

ed management and they came pretty much two days later to apply more paste, and said I may notice an increase in our little friends temporarily.

I feel like probably once a week I find a dead one. Last night, I came home, flicked on the lights, and saw one running on the wall! Managed to kill it, and then spent the night cleaning everything in my kitchen with lysol and bleach. Gonna be calling management this morning again,

The best part is I am CONVINCED that the kitchens in the building have this fake granite/marble countertop that is brownish so it acts as a camouflage for these little fuckers.

Looking to move asap.

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I am currently looking to rent in this building. Anyone currently there have an update on the status of anything in the building?

I understand nothing is perfect, please be honest in your review as I take everything here with a grain of salt.

Thank you!

In addition to the cockroach issues, there's now an issue with break-ins in the building. Since April there have been confirmed break-ins on the 4th, 10th and 17th floors. Someone is getting into the building and using crowbars and saws to get through the locks. Greenwin has done nothing to address the security issues in the building. These break-ins appear to be random.

Lived in this building since May 2014. Started seeing roaches in summer and by fall we were infested. Our apartment has always been clean, no food or garbage left out, but we got them anyway.
Management did one spray in October, but failed to mention that a second was required, and that roaches would be more active between first and second sprays. In that time our apartment was UNLIVABLE. Could not use our kitchen, or bathroom, roaches started moving into the bedroom, where they had never gone

before. We spent tons of money we didn't have ordering takeout because we could not prepare food, hopping between hotels and friends houses until the second spray was done. It was effective for about a month until roaches from other infested apartments came back into ours.
Building-wide treatment was done in Dec 2014. It seems to be fairly effective. I have seen some live roaches since then, but they seem to be isolated and haven't turned into a full-blown problem yet.
That said, I'm getting out of here before summer comes back. I'm not willing to risk living through that hell again.
The only thing I didn't have a problem with was bed bugs.

Can confirm other building issues mentions. Floods, water shut downs, elevators taken out of service and maintenance done insufficient or sometimes no notice. I'm not kidding when I say I have seen notices for work being done dated the day after the work started.
Also the "emergency" after hours line does not consider being locked out worth dealing with. They do not care that you will be locked out of your home overnight and will tell you to call again during business hours.

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Perhaps all the floods we're having in the building (2 in less than a week) will drown the bugs.

I had bed bugs in my unit in September 2014. After three treatments I haven't seen another bug since, but I do have mattress and box spring covers on, and have taped up the outlet behind the bed (I suspect they came in through there). Management was fairly responsive to this issue. Pest control came in the unit one week after they were discovered (and then 2nd and 3rd treatments were done).

They are now spraying for roaches. There is definitely some kind of bug problem in the unit - perhaps a

type of roach but not cockroaches. It's not that bad but I've probably seen 5 of them in the past 5 months.

They are also currently changing the pipes in my bathroom and kitchen. Basically this building is undergoing quite a bit of work. Thankfully they finished the balconies already, but moving in any time soon could expose you to numerous renovation issues as well as noise.

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Lived in the building since Dec 2007 and never had an issue with bugs...until I saw one earlier in 2014 and they then came to "treat" my unit (roach paste and dust)...but then in September/Oct 2014 an army of cockroaches appeared! In the kitchen, in the hall, in the bathroom - I would lift up the toilet seat and see dead ones floating! ewwwwww!

With my insistence they came and sprayed. I voiced my concerns that the building's vendor who has been doing the regular building bug treatments were

likely not thorough, as that's probably why an infestation occurred (I've also watched the vendor in action and they were NOT thorough). Maybe my complaints to upper management was what prompted the building-wide spray...in any case, haven't seen any cockroach activity since...but I'm on the lookout!!!

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My friend and I have lived in 200 Balliol since April 2013, and we have never seen a bedbug or cockroach. There have been a few tiny ants in the bathroom from time to time, but that is it for bugs.

I can confirm following about this building.

About two weeks ago every unit in the building was scheduled to be sprayed for cockroaches. The water issues are very much ongoing. There is a water shutdown at least once a week now and there was another flood affecting floor 1 to 11 last month. They've replaced the pipes in my bathroom and kitchen three times in the last year each time having to take parts of the wall down. This building is a nightmare don't move here.

A.G. About two weeks ago every unit in the building was scheduled to be sprayed for cockroaches. The water issues are very much ongoing. There is a water shutdown at least once a week now and there was another flood affecting floor 1 to 11 last month. They've replaced the pipes in my bathroom and kitchen three times in the last year each time having to take parts of the wall down. This building is a nightmare don't move here.

I am looking for an apartment on this building for early 2015. Can anyone say if the bug infestation and water issues have been resolved


@Anonymous 21/11/02

You're right about that. Good Superintendents are not appreciated by Greenwin Inc. Do you remember Paul? Great guy, hard worker and tried his best to be fair to tenants, while cow towing to the unreasonable expectations of our pathetic property management. They fired Wade after being a good Superintendent for almost 10 years, again because he tried to fair to tenants. These Greenwin Inc. people and the property owner, Mrs. Latner just want to milk the tenants for every p

enny they can get and treat us like crap.

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I have lived in this building for 6 years and have never seen a cockroach or bedbug, however, I have noticed that the building has gone downhill even more since the old superintendant left. I found him to be very organized, approachable and a hard worker unlike the person who replaced him. Too bad Greenwin can't keep the good ones.

@Anonymous 10/10/2012

You're post is very odd. If you moved in a month ago, how would you know if "the last superintendent was disorganized and left the place in a mess"? I have lived in the building for many years and have never seen a cockroach, not once. Vacant apartments are supposed to be thoroughly inspected and cleaned prior to rental and that, by the way, is not done by the superintendents!

I moved in a month ago and the first day I was there, before I even had any food in the apartment, I saw 3 cockroaches so it appears they are infested. The last super attendant was disorganized and left the place a mess.

Dear "LULU on 09/07/2012":

The noise stopped about three months ago, eh? Hmmmmm. That's just when it started up, here, at Greenwin's 83 Isabella St.

Management does have a practice of offering problem tenants suites in their other buildings when things get too hot for them.

The new tenant pigs ( moved in July 1)at 83 Isabella have had the police called on them for OUTRAGEOUS noise, including hired strippers.

I have been living at 200 Balliol since 2004. No problems until 2 years ago when the tenant above me decided it was ok to have loud friends come over at 10 or later at night and yell and play loud music until 5 in the morning. No matter how often I spoke to mamagement nothing was done about the noise. After repeated letters finaly about 3 months ago the noise stopped. However about 2 months ago the tenant got an AC and there is water dripping on my balcony so much so that I can't sit on my b

alcony because if there is a slight breeze the water splashes on me. this morning the tenant decided to empty her bucket and she started to dump it over the balcony and the water landed all over my balcony and when I asked what she was doing she said "trying to empty the bucket". I told her she couldn't do that. That was the last straw. This morning I went to the Tenant/Landlord board and filed a complaint because no matter how many time I spoke to "management" and no matter how many letters I wrote the tenant is still not taking care of stopping the leak. So my advise is do your homework before moving in here.

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I regret my typographical erratum, "amek", which should read "make".

I object to BEDBUGLEGALCONTROL.COM posting ads on this site. It is supposed to be for residents of infested properties, not opportunists trying to amek a buck off of them.

RE: Another Greenwin building:

SIMILAR THINGS ARE HAPPENING AT OUR GREENWIN BUILDING -- 81/83 Isabella (one building, with two fronts on Isabella St.)

General cockroach infestation since late April, at least.


Garbage strewn all over, outside, and in the lane, and an adjacent parking lot.

FILTHY laundry room and machines.

There have been, for some time, Orders to Comply from Municipal Standards, on various issues that are not addressed for months (including the infestat


The superintendent here is barely into his twenties, COMPLETELY INEXPERIENCED, BUMBLING AND LAZY, and has lied to us on most issues, as has the property manager.

Greenwin, incidentally, has NOT been bought by anyone. It is the same company it has always been.

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Dear tenants the cockroaches have gotten so bad in my apartment that I have been forced to call the Toronto Health department who have put me into contact with The Municipal Licensing & Standards of Toronto who will be coming to investigate 200 Balliol St. Toronto and Greenwin Inc. I strongly encourage all residents to please email [email protected] they got back to me within 24hrs and are there to help us! I also believe they will be very interested in hearing about the water main breakages, the

frequent (without warning) weekly water shut offs, the elevator incident where we were without for a month and our terrible lobby that’s been torn apart for three months now. DO GO TO building management she is useless and will not help you email [email protected] they will help!!!

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I have had to call the Toronto Health Department and now will be booking an appointment with Municipal Licensing and Standards Toronto to come and investigate the poor quality of 200 Balliol and Grennwin Inc. poor choice in building management. I strongly encourage all residents to do the same I was contacted by them within 24hrs of emailing- please email [email protected] Since December 2011 there has been cockroaches in my appartment (kitchen) now they are everywhere and they are huge - when p

est control comes all they tell me is that I have to live with it due to the age of the building. That's not good enough for me, I pay WAY TOO much to be infested with bug. this is one of many vitals services that Greenwin Inc. is not providing!

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Don't move to this building unless you enjoy constant water shutoffs with no notice, building wide floods, frequent fire alarms at 3 am, paper thin walls, a new superintendent every six weeks or so etc.

I've lived her for nearly ten years and this building was ok until 2011. I believe Greenwin, which used to be a fairly good property management company, has been bought and sold several times and new management in place (though still bearing the Greenwin name).

Repairs to your unit are onl

y done on emergencies. For instance I've had almost no hot water pressure in my bathroom for nearly 3 months! I've put in work order after work order, I've called management nothing!!!

If you're looking for an apartment in the Davisville area, don't look here.

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There was a HUGE flood that started on the 11th floor and spread it's way down to the basement. Most of the carpets in the halls on the north side of the building have been totally soaked and probably will have to be replaced (though if management actually pays for it remains to be seen). The flood didn't affect me but my neighbour across the hall has water damage in the kitchen. Apparently, this is the third flood in the building in the last year and management has known about the probably

on the 11th floor for several weeks and done nothing. Time to move!!!!!

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Does anyone know what happened in the building today (August 15). I came home from work and it appears that a huge chunk of the building was flooded. There were work crews and fans everywhere.

Lived here for a year now, HATE it! Alarm system goes off every month! No water for 2 days- what's that about?! Elevators have been out of order! Lobby is still incomplete! This building is a joke!

It would be nice if they didn't shut down the water every two days!

"This is what happens when you have a completely ineffective property management company. When this building was being run by Greenwin Property Management Inc., (Debbie Ross, Rocco Morra, Carolyn Perriera, Ken Hinkson and Draga?) we never had these problems. This building has gone down-hill drastically since this new property management company (read 1 person) RPMG? group took over. The rents keep going up but the standards keep going down. "
i think the building

is still under greenwin property management. 33 111 and 141 davisville buildings are RPMS ones

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I've been living here for over two years and haven't had a problem with bed bugs or cockroaches I've had an issue with small black beetles. Two of my neighbors have the same problem! This building is getting rundown. The lobby has been torn up for months even though it was supposed to be a two week renovation and last month an elevator broke down and wasn't repaired for at least three weeks. I've noticed that the building is increasingly attracting lower income people and families I believe t

hat has to do with the rents for this building are amongst the lowest in the Davisville area.

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Tons of Bugs, If you read reviews here that sound positive, its more Greenwin Employees writing them.

Today, one of the Elevators got stuck. Me and some other 9-10 people got stuck for 45 Min.

The alarm sound button didn't work and the talk (call help) button didn't work either.

The elevator needed a part and maintence, but they would only pay for the part.

This was July 12th 2012 at just before 9am ish.

Go live somewhere else and take me with you.

COCKROACHES!!! I returned home from holidays on July 5, 2012 to find (at least)two cockroaches living in my kitchen & washroom! I have a very clean unit and don't understand why they picked my place. Perhaps it's because I live close to the garbage chute and some moron on my floor just thows their trash bag on the floor instead of down the chute! I was absolutely disgusted and cleaned my unit as best I could, I also sprayed a full can of RAID everywhere because I was so freaded out. I haven't se

en another one in my unit and I pray to God I never do! But then I saw one riding the elevator this morning so I know they have the potential to be everywhere!! I'm freked out and can't sleep!

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I realize this is only supposed to be for reports but just to level things out even somewhat, I've been living here a year now and enjoying it. I've had no bedbugs, nor other bugs for that matter besides one spider in my bathroom. I can only vouch for my 6th floor apartment mind you but still, reading these posts you'd think we're all running around the halls, flailing our bug bitten arms. I like the place, perhaps my standards are low (?).

All I'd say is it's definitely worth checking out fo

r yourself.

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Thinking about moving into this building....what's that status with the bugs!!!! roaches....ants....
Please respond asap.

As management has refused to keep the garbage containment area at the back of the building locked, I would suggest to anyone putting out mattresses, other soft upholstered items and rugs out there, to take a knife and slash the hell out of it so that it is unusable. Thanks to the desperation of management to keep units filled, not to mention the commission they receive, we now see absolutely no common sense being demonstrated in the type of tenants, who are being accepted. This bed bug infestat

ion was caused by a large group of inter-related people, who occupy a number of units in the building. They travel back and forth to each others units and that is how it was spread. This is not rumour, it is fact.

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@Jay I would have to agree with the other reply to your comment you have got to be workiing for management. Shame on your for posting here pretending to be a tenant.

As for people throwing out furniture with bedbugs on them there is a proper way to dispose of items that have bedbugs on them. I put the link below. If you have to spray paint on them that they have bedbugs so some freak who digs throw the garbage won't pick them up and bring them back into the place. Management should tell

anyone who brings in garbage from the bins that they will attempt to evict them since they are adding to the problem. Management should also be posting info and sending info to all tenants providing them with in on bedbugs and not be posting here like Jay did.


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to the poster below, 200 Balliol is still run by Greenwin.

This is what happens when you have a completely ineffective property management company. When this building was being run by Greenwin Property Management Inc., (Debbie Ross, Rocco Morra, Carolyn Perriera, Ken Hinkson and Draga?) we never had these problems. This building has gone down-hill drastically since this new property management company (read 1 person) RPMG? group took over. The rents keep going up but the standards keep going down.

I've been a tenant for a number of years. Discovered we had bed bugs several months ago. Had our neighbors and friends check and they also found bed bugs in their apartments on the 9th, 16th, 18th and 19th floor. I do not have any faith left they can properly deal with this infestation. I am shocked and appalled to see for how long they have had this problem. Moved out.

I moved in at 200 Balliol a year and a half ago and moved out mid October but still had my apartment until today. I lived on the 23rd floor and never had any bed bugs issues. I did have a huge issue with the slow, smelly elevators and the dog on my floor left to scream and yap for hours on end every weekend. Anyone on the 23rd floor had bed bugs?

I haven't had trouble in my unit on the 4th floor but not surprised to hear there's bed bugs. There is always a ton of furniture in the garbage pile out back and people always bringing stuff back in the building.

The building is getting rather run down. Needs a new coat of paint, carpets, balcony railings...the lobby looks like it hasn't been touched since the 1990s. The spent a ton of money fixing the pool and fitness room that I think 5 people a month actually use.

Honestly it's har

d to find an apt building in Toronto that hasn't had issues with bed bugs.

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Do you work for Greenwin Inc.? Sure sounds like it. Perhaps you have nothing to compare present conditions in the building to. This used to be a great building much like you described in your post but far, far from the reality of today.

beware; this building is invested, talk to the tenant board, get out of your lease, throw everything out that you cant clean or seal, this is very traumatic and it is important to stick together, talk to you neighbours, and dont blame them. Management is responsible for spraying but they are using pesticides not extreme heat even though the company they use will do extreme heat. My best to you all.

@No Name: I'm willing to bet your unit received a "preventative treatment" because someone either on the 21st or 20th floor had them. Many tenants are completely unaware that this has become a serious problem in the building. This is just the icing on the cake for me and I am getting the heck out of here as soon as possible.

This the tentant on 21st floor; yes this is absolutely disgusting, I can't sleep in my bed anymore; I keep waking up feeling something is biting my legs. I have notified the management about the issue; I just wanted to post it here so that everyone knows that the building has bed bugs which sooner or later will spread to all units. I still beleive someone on our floor had them or they wouldnt do a preventative treatment; did anyone elss god the preventative spray last week or it was just my floo


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@No Name: This situation is getting completely out of hand. I can confirm that there was a unit on the 20th floor with bedbugs. That now makes the 3rd, 15th. 20th and 21st floors. I am disgusted and I am going to call Public Health. I have very little faith that property manager will deal with this situation effectively. I would suggest that all tenants go and voice their concern to the office.

A few days ago my unit was sparyed for bed bugs as a preventative measure; the day after I saw about 10 bed bugs hiding under my bed, inside my pillow case and even crawling on the walls by the bed (around 3 in the morning). I had never noticed anything before; I guess someone in my floor must have had them and thats why they did the prevantative spray thing. But I wonder if spraying activated them. I live on 21st floor

Confirmed by a tenant on the third floor. Unit has bedbugs!

Some of you have mentioned the scavengers/tenants that go into the garbage area out back. This area is meant to be kept locked. That was the whole purpose of building it in the first place and you can bet this will be one of the things that the landlord will claim as a "capital expenditure" in order to get an above guideline increase. Not that long ago, I threw out a mattress and within hours it was taken by a tenant in the building. I spoke to our completely useless property manager about t

his and he promised he would make sure it was kept locked. Just like many other promises he makes, he did nothing and this garbage area is visited daily by those who scavenge for furniture. Also, I was at the office just recently while he was on the phone discussing bedbugs on the 15th floor! Ever since this new property management company took over the building is going to hell in a hand basket.

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I have lived here for 2 years. This place is great. NO bed bugs, NO roaches. Never found any bugs besides the occasional lady bug or fly. The supers are great, repairs are done on time. The lobby, laundry, landscape are clean and maintained. For a one bedroom for a very reasonable price, in a very safe neighborhood, (never seen anything suspicious), so close to downtown, so many great restaurants nearby, you can't find a better place.

I went for a swim today and was shocked to find dead bed bugs all over the shallow end of the pool!

I've been in this building over a year now and while I haven't had bed bugs, I wish management would do something about the garbage lot behind the building. Today I saw a couple of tenants who live on the other side of my floor taking a few things out of the trash. I told them they're probably infested but they didn't seem to care!!!! I wish management would post signs or something. Not that will stop people, but it's getting annoying!

I'm going to moving out soon, thankfully!

Last weekend I was cleaning my bedroom, when I noticed a few dead bugs behind a bookcase! I FREAKED OUT! After closer examination, these were defiantly NOT bed bugs! They were too dark in colour and they appeared to have an exoskeleton. I brought a sample to a friend who works in pest control and turns out they're a form of carpet beetles. Fewf! Funny I don't have a single carpet in my unit, but they live off of fabric, hair, dust etc.

To the person who posted back in May, what floor are

you on?

I'm hoping management informs the units surrounding you and advised them to be treated as well. If you treat one unit but not the surrounding ones, the bugs move.

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Yes. I found a bedbug in my apartment recently. I contacted the Super and he immediately scheduled treatment and confirmed that a couple other people had them this year. Response from Super/Property Manager was good when I had additional pre-treatment questions. As for my fellow tenants, I see lots of people bringing the thrown-out furniture from the garbage back INTO my building: how stupid are people?! There is a fence being built around the garbage; hopefully that'll help. I don't think movin

g will help; it's a Toronto-wide problem.

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No bedbugs. I've personally thrown a matress not because of the bedbugs but because it's needed anymore.

While I haven't had any trouble in my unit, I've been noticing an increasing number of mattresses and other furniture being dumped at the rear of the building. I'm pretty sure there are bedbugs but have no idea how wide spread the problem is.

Hi there, my family and I are looking at this building as a prospective new home and I'm wondering if there is still a problem with bed bugs? Thanks.

"Puzzled" the notices were up by the elevators informing people to not take furniture (from outside by the dumpsters) into the building that - that they were bed bugs and it was likely the items out by the dumpster had come from units with it.

I have lived in this building since 1999 and I read all notices put up by management and I have NEVER seen any notice about bedbugs. I can assure you that if I had, I would not forget it.

Kudos to the landlord for informing tenants and posting. Hiding the problem doesn't help and only creates anger and resentment.

Approximately a year and a half ago we lived in this building and for months in 2006/2007 I had what were thought to be hives. I went to numerous doctors and it was decided that if my "hives" lasted for 4 months I'd undergo extensive allergy tests. Well, right before the 4th month I discovered a bed bug in our apartment. I was horrified. I informed the super of the building who said that yes, people had reported bed bugs as of late. They were very quick in spraying our apartment (we only needed

1 treatment and that, combined with lots of laundry, did the trick) and as a result of the recent reports of bed bugs they posted notices in the building elevator and lobby.

I was shocked that this building had bed bugs, but it goes to show that high end buildings and areas aren't safe from bed bugs.

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45 Dunfield Ave 0.979 km
85 Lawton Blvd 0.987 km
44 Dunfield Ave 0.993 km