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Have read the posting below. This is just NOT true. The building is not infested with bedbugs. We have lived here for over 20 years & know what's going on here. We would know if there were bugs. Also, we would not be living here if there were - we would find another home. This posting sounds exaggerated & suspicious. This is a great building - one of the better run apt. buildings on Davisville.

BEDBUGS.....it is your choice whether or not you believe what's been written on this site. I certainly do not have any intend to harm or to spread bad image of 225 Davisville rental apartment. I just want to say the truth what I have been going through. It has been nightmare living in this bedbug infested unit. The staff members do not know any details about bedbugs. In my opinion, they all should be educated how to look for and what things to look. When you rent a unit, you have to look for any

kind of strange things you think abnormal or doubts. If you see many small blackish/ dark brown dots around outlets or around baseboards or anywhere on the walls. This means the place is bedbug infested. If you miss this things and you sign the rental agreement, then it becomes your problem no matter what their stuff is helpful, you are the one will be suffering and loosing many of your belongings and mental stress.

I warn you 225 Davisville rental apartment is infested with bedbugs. BE CAREFUL!!!

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I have lived in 225 Davisville since Mid-July.

Since september then I've had rare encounters with what i believe to be roaches (5 of them, in total) this being my first experience with roaches, I finally decided to let the management know about this, I am happy to report flipping my apartment around resulted in finding absolutely nothing, but they are spraying my place anyway, which I do appreciate.

So yes, 225 Davisville has SOME roaches but I can't say I've seen many or have heard my nei

ghbors complain about it either.

At least the management is quick to react, so I would definitely advice to warn them.

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This posting is inflammatory at best and only leads to misinformation through conjecture and irritated individual making exaggerated statements. People can make any statement especially if it is anonymous. Our building has 400 units and has, in effect, received one listing over two years. This is meaningless and gives the wrong impression. Take any 400 unit residence and I am confident that their will some sort of bug problem in one of those units over a long period. In fact, if only get

one complaint every two years, then that shows our building is certainly not infested. Therefore this registry leads to fear mongering.

Fortunately we have excellent maintenance and they will resolve any issue given proper communication and cooperation. Greenwin/Greenrock are probably the biggest landlord in the city they have a vested interest in doing a good job.

The statement that all the units were sprayed for roaches Sept. 29 is not true. We live in 225 Davisville Ave. There were no general posting of this event nor did we receive any information to that effect. We checked with management to confirm that there was no building fumigation but they will spray any time an individual has a problem. The building is not infested or we and our neighbours would definitely be aware of such a situation.

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Hi there, Please advise management right away if you have a problem with roaches or anything else. If you deal it with it yourself and don't let them know, the problem might continue to multiply and spread further. Its possible that other units and yours should be treated thoroughly a few times to ensure they are gone for good (and everything sealed up). Management will handle all this quickly but you've got to let them know for everyone's sake. Thanks

Moved in on Canada Day long weekend in 18th floor. Everything was fine up until mid-August. New neighbours moved in to the floor and around same time cockroaches started showing up. Cockroaches are in sink, in the dishwasher, under the kitchen island, under the freezer and under the coffee machine and toaster. So gross. Spread DE everywhere but they are attracted to the cat's water bowl and food still. They keep coming back. It's been months. Haven't discussed this with building management yet (

just dealt with it ourselves).

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To all the new renters wondering what is going on at 225 Davisville...I shall tell you. There is indeed a roach infestation in the entire building. People who 'haven't seen any'...not sure how it's possible, as the entire building underwent a mass fumigation for roaches on Sep 29.
PS, they're still around. Not to dissuade you, but to inform you, that yes, there are both German cockroaches and ants in the building, living in the pipes, small cracks of the kitchen and bathrooms. The management c

an fumigate all they want, but they really need to repair the apartment units properly and seal holes and repair plumbing fully, not partially and not cheaply, because that's why these guys have somewhere to live. It doesn't matter how clean you are, a German cockroach just needs: water, warmth. Food optional as they are known to cannibalise on each other, eat soap and paper when food is nowhere in sight. So yeah....the structure of the building is compromised. They are in the walls, pipes...etc. Nice management otherwise, they are VERY responsive, this is just unfortunately a huge infestation in a very old building (I kill 10-20 cockroaches a day that I can find/catch). The building was renovated a few years back, but it still remains an old building with an old structure.

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Hi there, I'm looking to move into the building for next month and would like to know more. What floors/units have been advised of cockroach spraying and has anyone had issues with roaches, bedbugs or mice?

Just got a notice that they need to treat our unit for roaches. Has anyone seen any? Lived here for 3 years and this is the first time hearing about roaches.

1408 are breaking the lease after 3 months only. does anyone know why? Is it bed bugs?

Can some body please update what is situation of bed bugs at 225 now? I am thinking of moving in there soon.Thanks.

Live in this building for 25 years. Have never experienced a problem. We know many people - do not know anyone with bug problems. If anyone reporting would give apt. no. or area of building, it would be helpful so we can investigate & provide more info. Very happy with management here - wonderful supers.

I have lived on the 14th floor for one year and never had problems with bed bugs. I have used the pool a few times, no problems there either. The common areas are fairly clean.

Best of luck,

I'm thinking of moving into this building... are there still bed bugs or has the issue been resolved?

Wow...i used to live at 225 davisville for 7 years everything was fine for 6 years and then suddenly my daughter started complaining about bed bugs i didn't believe her until i saw hundreds of them.....they are in the walls and base boards....i was sprayed 3 times....bought new beds and they still came back!!!!! Unfoutunatley i had to move out because of this. ....i lost thousands of $$$$ as i had to grow out all of my furniture. ..bed couch. ...wall units. ...dressers. ..the only things i brou

ght to ny new place was clothes personal items and kitchen stuff..i was lucky cause i was so careful i washed and wiped down everything including the inside of my books....none came to my new place but that is the only way you will get rid of them....i am glad they didn't transfer to my car off my clothes......it was a Nightmare!!!!!! the building will spray and spray and clean and clean...i have nothing bad to say about the building the people are great and management is terrific.....but the bed bugs killed it for me so be careful moving in be prepared to loose a lot of money!!!!!!

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may move into this building June/july 2012...what's the latest news for BB in this buliding? Please post asap.

I'm moving out of this building on March 31, and I've lived here for 3 years - there was a problem with the directly unit above me, but they never made it to my apartment (22nd floor). I've never been bitten or even seen a bedbug, and they checked my apartment regularly, even going so far as to bring in a specially-trained canine inspection team, which has a better success rate that people, and they still found nothing. It was handled professionally, as far as I could tell. I can't say about oth

er floors - but I was fine.

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Hi everyone

Can someone please provide an update on the Bug situation?
Have they began fumigating storeys??
Have there been any reports on the 11th or 12th floors?

...Signing a lease on Monday and would really love an update!


Could you please let me know the bed bug situation now? Many thanks!


Management really should advise all residents of this situation so we can collectively combat the issue -- rather than ineffectively try to solve it on a case by case basis. It's ridiculous that people's furniture/beds/clothes have to be ruined before management acts. If prevention is the key, I say bug-bomb the entire building, tenants caulk your baseboards and seal as many gaps as

possible, and just be attentive to the situation.

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I leave here for year now and few days ago found bedbugs in my apartment. There are so many of them. I have many red marks everywhere and it is so itching. After examining my mattress and bed frame and found so many of bugs of all sizes. It is infestation and the building is full of it. They treat your place but it doesn’t do anything because the building is ABSOLUTELY FULL OF BED BUGS! They have to treat the whole building. I wish there would be law to make it mandatory.

March 17th

I woke up and was itchy, so I went to change my sheets and found my first bed bug. Then I looked more and I found about 20 in various stages of development. Most were on my box spring.

This sucks! I just finished chemo, and the last thing I need is this.

I'm not sure where I got them from, but someone said that they are really prevelant. I'm a clean tenant

I am calling Public Health and Greenrock tomorrow to deal with it - while taking a day off work. I will update on

ce they tell me what they are going to do.

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Are there still problems at this location??

I live on the 18th floor in a corner Unit so our bedrooms are far from everyone else's. My neighbour kindly told me that she had bedbugs and the management has sprayed for them. The management didn't tell me. Not until about two months later after she had moved out they suddenly put a notice under my door that they would be spraying my place too.

I guess I'm glad they did - no problems yet (and its been at least a month since they sprayed). Its good they spray, but it would be better if

they were upfront and honest about all reports and sprayings in the building. And I shouldn't have to move all my furniture so they can spray.

Finally there was no info about exactly what chemical it was, what I should do (can I clean it after?) or even if they had been here. That's quite annoying - again they need to be open and upfront. But at least they are preventative and take care of it.

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This is my first time leasing an apartment. The place is nice and the view is amazing, but unfortunately two months into my lease, i started getting bites on my body (three to be exact). My parents came to check my bed and sure enough, we found one. I have kept it to show my super intendent and will have the place sprayed. My roommate has not had any bites yet so we are hoping we can get this problem fixed as soon as possible.

I was doing pushups on the floor of my appartment and saw a very small bug on the floor. It was really small but had a flat type body, I am pretty sure it was a bed bug. All my furniture is brand new so I definetly didn't bring it in. I haven't noticed anything else. I saw a show on Dr. OZ about how to properly look for bed bugs. I am going to check my place out but they can be in any appartment building in toronto. As long as they arn't out of control its hard to completely get rid of them

. I still like the building.

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Has anyone else had this problem recently at 225 Davisville? We are supposed to sign a lease tomorrow, and reading this makes me afraid...

Single white male denied potential roommate (Girlfriend) due to BED BUGS...

Happy New Year....
I moved into a unit at 225 davisville ave in November 2008. Everything "seemed" relatively satisfatory after the management scrubbed and cleaned the unit which was left by the previous tennant in a completeyly disgusting state. Although the management met my every request it was only a matter of weeks that the "invisible" prblems began. My girlfriend and I both started to wake up noticing small red

s blemmishes on our bodies. After contemplating a dermatologist, we chalked it up to cold weather and dry skin. Weeks passed, red itched dots came and went. Our suspicions and discomfort did not. It was only this past weekend (03/01/09) that we noticed small blackish-red dots moving up the wall. Needless to say we freaked out and began reseaching on line only to find out - that yes we had bed bugs! Completely shocked, we searched the city and internet to find a solution. Sixteen loads of laundry later, recollection of asking the building manager if there were any problems with bugs and her reply "no" - led us to this sight. Clearly this is not the first nor last case of these seemingly unbeatable critters...the last and final resort....MOVE OUT ! This building needs to be stop renting units that are infested.
Happy renting , proceed with caution!

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My wife and I lived at 225 Davisville and were notified one night by our neighbor that he had bed bugs in his apartment. He wanted to let us know since our bedrooms shared a common wall. We kept an eye out for any signs of bugs but found none. About 3 weeks later we received a notice from the building management (Greenwin) that they wanted to spray our place for bugs. I tried to contact management but got no response from them. About a month later we found a single bed bug in our bed one mo

rning when we were making the bed. We immediately contacted building management who arranged to have someone come and spray....a week later. We had to wash every piece of clothing that we owned...at $3.50 per load, we had to move all our furniture away from the walls and arrange boarding for our cat during the spraying. The spraying seemed to work but we got out of there as soon as we could get out of our lease. I'm 100% sure they didn't' tell the new tenant (a pregnant woman and her husband/boyfriend) that there had been bed bugs.

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