265 Balliol St
Toronto, ON M4S

Found 4 reports:

November 18, 2015. Just got a notice of preparation for bed bug infestation. We have lived here since 2007 without any incident of bed bugs. Today there is an infestation. Don't move here.

James and Anonymous: If you don't mind me asking, which floors are you on. I currently live in the building and haven't seen or experienced bed bugs but would like to be proactive about it if they are already in the building.

Me and my partner have lived in this building for several years without any issues. But recently we've come across several bedbugs in our couch due to our neighbors recently having their place sprayed. It's been 2 weeks since we informed management and still nothing has been done!

I'm a current tenant living in the building and I not only saw that the Head superintendents were getting the heat treatment(only done in worst cases) during this summer of 2014, but when I was in the head office I saw a bed bug crawling on the wall. They are thee most disgusting people I've ever come across! I plan on leaving building by the new year!

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