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This building is horribly managed. When I talk to anyone about any issues, I feel the management are tired of listening. They do not do enough to take care of problems, most importantly around bed bugs. Had them the minute I moved in. Took care of it myself by hiring Abell. Building was so uncaring. Abell got rid of them in my place but they were everywhere. My one neighbour has been there almost 20 years and never had an issue. But one year after being free of them I got bit again. The building

doesn't do enough to educate people who do get them. Hang out in the laundry room and you will see why they spread. They don't properly treat clothes and such as they are given bad information. They are trying to make the building look nicer but the people inside are fed up. Looking to move. Not going through this again.

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Im really happy here. The office staff are very kind, honest and helpful, the supers are extremely nice, even the new manager is great. u can tell she is doing her best to help each person, responds right away and takes her time to listen to you. for bugs they pay for as many treatments as u want and give you the option too with different kinds. its not the buildings fault, its a city problem that people r bringing but its very nice to know that rpms gives u treatments right away and tries every

thing. if you are really unhappy just leave. having a miserable face around brings the rest of ur neighbours down. they dont even hassle u to break your lease so move!! PLEASE!

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Very good place to be. Upgraded units are amazing. Quiet, tidy building with nice Managment. I have not issue with bed bugs or roaches.


This building is one of the best in the area. There was some small issues with bugs but now there not any issues about. The building converted from old to new rental condo. Supers are very good, new manager as well.

Sabrina Mohammed in the Capreit / RPMS management office at 33 Davisville Avenue is a fucking arrogant unhelpful cunt !

I hate living in this building ! Management is a bunch of fucking cocksuckers !

I can't believe that Sabrina Mohammed works in management for Capreit / RPMS . What a douche bag !

Talk about arrogance ! Trying to resolve the situation with the bed bugs and cockroaches , maintenance problems , repair and appliance issues here is a real uphill battle . The new general manager / acting property manager is some kind of douche bag !

It seems to me that Capreit / Rpms property management is all about corporate greed , heavy handed management , mismanagement , and doing as little as possible for tenants and doing improvements to their building like putting some rocks on their property as a dubious capital expenditure to go a for above rate rent increase each year .

Oh right ! Talking to management at 33 Davisville Avenue is like talking to a hole in the wall !

Hi there, Please advise management right away if you have a problem with roaches or anything else. If you deal it with it yourself and don't let them know, the problem might continue to multiply and spread further. Its possible that other units and yours should be treated thoroughly a few times to ensure they are gone for good (and everything sealed up). Management will handle all this quickly but you've got to let them know for everyone's sake. Thanks

It's not only the bedbugs and cockroaches at 33 Davisville Avenue . The management and office staff are really unconcerned and unhelpful in every way . Especially the woman who is the on site property administrator who I think should be off site . I didn't think she even has receptionist skills . Totally unconcerned , diffident and clueless . Can't even give a rent receipt on the company letter head due to " margin of error ! " What the heck !
I have so many issues with the management and

office staff at this building . So rude ! Oven won't work and I am told it takes time to get a oven technician in Toronto and they don't have a spare one . How can that be possible ? These people are BS artists !
The decent refrigerator was replaced by one that looks like it came from the dump or salvage yard . Seriously ,no joke ! Did I mention rude inconsiderate staff ? You bet !

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I have been living at 33 Davisville Ave. since 2008. Management knowingly allowed a huge infestation of cockroaches and silverfish and bedbugs to spread for years before they did anything about it. What they ended up doing was inadequate - based on my standards. You must do an entire floor at a time starting from the top and work down or vice-versa. I spent a fortune sealing-off huge gaps in baseboards, ceiling and so forth. It’s so bad, that if you lean too hard on the drywall by the ven

tilation system and elevators -- since the inside of my living room is adjacent to them -- a fair-sized person would fall right through (killing them). It’s so bad that my wall “visibly” vibrates -- at a low frequency and high intensity 24/7 -- because of substantial problems in the mechanical room on the roof. This has been ongoing since 2008, and it’s getting much worse. It’s not the sound that drives you insane; it’s the continuous, non-stop vibration. Management is well aware that there is a problem.

They even had the audacity to deliberately and completely shut-off the intake vents in the kitchens and bathrooms for one-year until two months ago. It caused a ceaseless backup of foul air to enter the units. This was not sporadic as sometimes happens with wind and pressure changes in buildings. This was a complete shutdown. It started in the winter - a few months after management entered all tenants’ units to haphazardly clean the filth behind the grills. Unfortunately, as is often the case, they did not clean the deeper vents, thereby making the entire situation far worse than if they had left it alone. This information was corroborated with Toronto’s #1 duct-cleaning specialists. I warned management that they’d better get it functioning or I would get the building inspector in here to force them. They finally turned them on, but they wouldn’t have had I not insisted. I suspect they were trying to conserve heat by unlawfully turning off the exhaust vents. They are literally gassing people into ill health here. It’s unconscionable to say the least.

The elevators were left in such a serious state of disrepair for over 10 years. Finally, they were repaired. It took almost two years. The noise from the repair work was unspeakable. In an emergency situation, ambulance, fire dept. and police would have to take the stairs. The stairwells are always littered with cigarette/pot butts, urine puddles, many left to dry for months, and more recently, a nasty bed bug infestation on the 20th floor. I concur that too many people that are residing here are filthy pigs. They cannot even be educated because they do not have the capacity. This is a huge sanitation issue. I speak for the sick and vulnerable in these low-life dumps. City Hall better get its act together. All the gloating over Toronto’s filthy-rich condo boom is revolting. Some organization -- of sound mind and body -- is going to eventually have to clampdown and tackle these issues of substandard living in dilapidated residential dumps that this city has neglected for decades. I have to clean the garbage chute room at least once a week because people are throwing their wet waste in the recycling bin. It is ALWAYS contaminated. Yes, I’ve got pictures and videos that I’ve compiled for years (no people in the videos). The evidence is compelling. I know who these people are. I say, shame on the building inspectors in this godforsaken city. I’ve dealt with enough of them for years, and their incompetence is a huge part of this problem; that and being in cahoots with the unscrupulous landlord scum that runs this lousy city. I am a doctor and an independent inspector. When I am finally ready to release my report, it will be through the proper media channels and nothing less. Shame on you Toronto and Canada! It’s time to put the bad landlords and managements up in lights so that everyone can see who they are. It’s time for mandatory continuing education courses for these unregulated, unlawful louses that run this unfit residential housing industry.

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They doing balconies now. But, the building is so nice and clean. There are two helpfull supers. Since elevators are done the building has not any major issues. The best in the area!

RPMS buildings are asylum of bed bugs. I would never live in a RPMS building again . I am going to move soon .

Live at 33 Davisville on the 20th floor- I have a super clean and tidy apartment and been here for 5 years.

In October 2014 when i came back from a 10 day vacation, I noticed i was bitten on my neck and back. Turned my mattress over and found on bedbugs - was at it all night and found 24 bed bugs- saved them in a jar and have photos of it. Didnt sleep all night, went to the rental Office as soon as it opened. They were so indifferent and casual about it- I was so livid. They helped me throw

my mattress out. I had to push them daily for them to get the company to spray chemicals (as much as i didnt want chemicals,didnt know what else to do. I threw out a lot of my things, bought new bins, new bags , washed all my clothes (cost be more than $80 laundry) bought a new mattress, basically turned my place upside down.

My neighbour on the 15th floor has bedbugs a few months before I did and management did nothing to stop them from spreading.

Clearly I got the bed bugs from either the laundry room or from one coming to my apartment on my shoes or thru the carpet/ walls (the bugs can move- ive seen them move !)

It was the worst experinece ever. And cost me over $1000 overall for a new mattress, new storage boxes etc. I still live at 33 Davisville as I cant think of what other apt bldgs will be like and will move out only when i buy my own place (hopefully soon)

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I would never live in a Capreit / RPMS building again . I am moving soon .

The management office staff at 33 Davisville Avenue is so rude ,unhelpful and unconcerned .Especially the receptionist .

I moved to this location about year ago. I am so pleased with this place and location. The building is so clean and well maintained.

I notice that there was some issues with bedbugs before, but now this place looks like a condo.

Dear Current Residents,

Request you to please let me know if there are any issues with BedBugs now in 33 Davisville. Your response will be of great help for me as I am planning to move to this apartment shortly.

Is there still a problem at this building?

I am looking to move into it in Aug, 2012 and talking to several tenants they said there isn't a problem, but I'd like to hear other's experiences both good and bad.

though my experience with bed bugs at this building happened one year ago, i feel it should still be posted because it is still an issue.... unless they fumigate that whole building the problem will never go away. i moved into a unit that was empty for months and renovated... a few hours after i moved in there were bed bugs crawling under the door coming from the hallway. they were all over the walls and floor at the front door.. i'm talking hundreds within hours of moving into the unit. needles

s to say i terminated my lease and moved out the next day. the building blatantly lies as I asked them before signing the lease if they ever had any issues; they said no. i was also approached by random tenants in the elevator asking if i had any problems and that they have had bed bugs for months and even cock roaches. The building is so badly infested that the bed bugs live in the carpets of the hallways. its disgusting.

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Management really should advise all residents of this situation so we can collectively combat the issue -- rather than ineffectively try to solve it on a case by case basis. It's ridiculous that people's furniture/beds/clothes have to be ruined before management acts. If prevention is the key, I say bug-bomb the entire building, tenants caulk your baseboards and seal as many gaps as

possible, and just be attentive to the situation.

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August 2010
All of a sudden got all these red spots on my arms and legs - figured that I got some allergy.
Not till a friend needed to crash a few days later, he called and told me that he had same symptoms and that his doc said that it's bed bugs.

Spoke with management - they're ridiculous: at first they said they'll "inspect" and after much fighting they brought in their people where after the fumigation, I could not tell whether they did anything at all.

I called in a separate service

on my own and they worked, but had to re-call them every month.

After a while I figured out where the problem was:
bed bugs were coming in from
1) Laundry room (I never dry my clothes - I hang dry, so whatever was in the washer, the bugs just stayed on my clothes from others who had washed their clothes with the bugs)
2) stair case - 2nd & 3rd floor staircases are INFESTED with bed bugs
3) vents!! believe it or not, but they are coming from vents too - I sealed off all my vents and all the holes, but every now and then I see one

As soon as I can get out, I'm out of here, but I do not recommend this place to anyone!

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Late October 2010 -

Noticed marks (which i initially thought might be from an allergic reaction). After a couple of days of more marks, determined it must be bites. Did a search of the unit and found bedbugs! Alerted management, filled out a work order, and am waiting to hear on the fumigation date.

Even maintaining a clean unit won't prevent bedbugs from moving around at 33 Davisville. It's an infested building (based on these posts), a pet-friendly environment, with plenty of gaps in

the baseboards and front doors. Just too easy for these bedbugs to get from unit to unit.

Management really should advise all residents of this situation so we can collectively combat the issue -- rather than ineffectively try to solve it on a case by case basis. It's ridiculous that people's furniture/beds/clothes have to be ruined before management acts. If prevention is the key, I say bug-bomb the entire building, tenants caulk your baseboards and seal as many gaps as possible, and just be attentive to the situation.

Likely going to move out after almost 2 years of problem-free residency because of this issue...

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They last treated my unit and a block of the units around me. I like live a bubble person and have been since I moved here but I can't control how diligent the people in the units around me are. I am also severely allergic.

I've now gone from every 3-6 months to less than two between treatments. I'm tired.

They say that the psychological/emotional impact of dealing with Bed Bugs is the worst part, and I can attest to this. I live on Davisville too, but in a different building.

I too had Bed Bugs and had to get sprayed several times before the issue was resolved. It took me well over a year before the Heebie Jeebies stopped, and I still get itchy at the mention of them. I used to like shopping in thrift stores because I am on the less rich side of the spectrum, but now I'm afraid to do that.

The building management needs to take this issue very seriously...or they will never get rid of them. Bed Bugs are called "traveling bugs" for a reason, and it's not just because you can pick them up when you are traveling, it's because they will "travel" from apartment to apartment. So the spraying needs to be done aggressively, ie. they need to do a block spray when they do it. That means that they spray all the other apartments around to one that is the being dealt with. They do this because otherwise they will "scatter"...eek.

There was probably a lag in the times you were getting bit, because the way that they operate; they feed three times in a night, and then they go and rest for a while and grow. So you may only be bothered by them a couple of times in a month....or they can hibernate for more than 6 months at a time...sneaky buggers.

Also, it usually has little to nothing to do with you being a clean or tidy housekeeper. They are equal opportunity bugs. Though it is a good idea to move things around from time to time so that they don't get any good hiding spots going.

Good Luck, and I hope this helps a bit.

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Hi there! I moved into this building last october. Starting in may I noticed I had hives all over my arms. I saw someone about allergies they thought it was a few thing but it kept happening. I later started seeing bugs. I was shocked and so upset. I just moved to the city and bought all new furniture. What do I do now? Also people who r also having issues what floor are u on? Thanks

Have read the other's story, but I'm pretty sure nobody got worse experience as me. I have been living in the building for almost two years, everything was just fine until this April/May. Firstly I got some red spots in my body, very itchy, in the morning when I waked up, but I didn't even think about it too much -- I never knew what bed bugs are at all. I didn't pay much attention on it, but it was getting worse and worse, I'm pretty sure I got severe allergic reaction for the bites and I had t

o see my family doctor couple of times, being given the anti-allergic medications(pills) and Hormone cream for quite long time, almost 2 months because the FP just diagnosed me with 'allergic' to some unknown reasons. I also went to see walk-in doc and got another strong medication prescription 'prednisone'. Given it still didn't get rid of my 'allergies', I were referred to an allergist and also prescribed the same medications too, without knowing what my 'hives' are. I was living with the side effects from all these medications for more than three months, until one day I talked to one collegue occasionally and was warned there might be bed bugs.I checked the information online about bed bugs and was really surprised when I saw the bed bugs biting picture ---my spots so-called'hives' by all the doctors I ever saw, all around my arms, legs, feet and hands are exactly bed bugs bitings!!! I was really sad and shocked about all this stuff!!!

I tried to figure out why it happend just these couple of monthes but not all the time. I recalled one day we ordered some reparation service for the apartment, and after the reparation, I found there was one big hole under the tank in the washroom, through which I could see many pipes between my apartment and my neighbour. And I also recalled that one day before I found the spots in my body, my neighbours complained they found some bugs in their building and they actually moved out very quickly after that. I just never knew what bed bugs means in our real life.

Anyways, I was really panic, and I did spend a lot of money on treating the bugs, like all the others did, throwing the mattress/box and some furniture away, laudary all the stuff etc. It's not easy to prepare the treatment actually, lots of work, and the worst part is, even though have been doing this, I'm still feel unsure that they won't come back.

How can we really get rid of bed bugs from our life? Does it help if we don't rent a place but buying a house? Panic, never feel this panic in my life before.

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August 2010:

Day 1: Noticed about three bites on my foot and originally could not determine the cause.
Day 2: Saw even more bites, this time on my hands, feet, legs and arms. Informed management.
Day 3: Found and captured 3 bed bugs, all at different stages of development! Informed management.
Day 4: Vacated apartment and left message with management (after-hours emergency this time) to ask to have the place fumigated. They said that this was not considered an emergency.

Tried som

e stuff I found on the Internet to get rid of bedbugs, but don't know if that will work. Really scared and don't know what else I can do. I can't even enter my apartment for fear of getting them on me.

What floors/units are the other bed bug reports for?

Could the bed bugs be coming from an adjacent unit?

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33 davisville - end of may 2010.
bedbugs found.
have had to vacate apartment - management said they'd spray in a week but they are not going to treat any other apartments in the building.

completely ridiculous as i have been COVERED in bites - disposed of my mattress and vacated with nearly all of my clothing.

same here, live in 33 Davisville, the management is mean and won't cover all my damages. I wasted about $1000 on bed/mattress/boxes, because I have to throw away due to the beg bugs.

Since I've moved here over two years ago, I've had to get management to fumigate at a minimum every 3-6 months. I live with all my clothing in bags and in constant fear. I'm pretty sure the unit on one side of my apartment has been infected the entire time and I'm getting the random bed bugs coming over from their unit because I am extremely careful about my personal pro-activeness. Management doesn't tell the people in the units next to you if there is a bedbug outbreak. When the pest control g

uys came, I was told they were treating other units in the building for bedbugs as well.

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