77 Davisville Ave
Toronto, ON M4S

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So it's official! There are bed bugs in this building! Just got a letter from the management about ongoing bed bug reports from tenants. So gross! It must be pretty serious because they are getting a trained dog to inspect all units. It's absolutely disgusting to even think about it! They have been fixing up common areas to make the building look better on the surface so that they can charge more rent but the rubbish management, for example, is insufficient as the waste is just being hoarded in

the back of the building which creates an ideal roaming place for all sorts of disgusting animals and insects! I'm sure all tenants would rather live in a building that has an outdated lobby but is free of bugs!!

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We moved into 77 Davisville in July and after a week of moving in we noticed bed-bug bites all over our body. Our whole apartment was infested. We threw away almost all our furniture. We had several treatments but nothing worked. We eventually moved our in November. We are in the process of filing to the Landlord and Tenant Board to get compensation for all our furniture we had to throw away. We would like to get some statements as soon as possible from any tenants that are currently l

iving with bedbugs or from people who moved out due to bedbugs.

Please send me an email.
[email protected]

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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I was in elevator last week and a woman said she has bedbugs and reported to management office downstairs. We have not seen any on 28th floor but we ate getting sprayed. When my husband or I recycle our garbage we bring to bottom floor. There we see mice and cockroches running fast into corners. It has been like this for months and months during construction.

Hello all . I don't live here but I was Intrested in a future potential move to this building. But after reading all the bedbug complaints I don't even want to take the chance. 😕 Why do the tenants not go to the media !! The news would love stories like this because then it prompts the property management to actually do something. Who wants this much bad press in the public eye ? They would lose a lot of potential renters therefore would lose money .. So my suggestion for those that liv

e here a bunch of you should get together and contact city news !

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This is the worst fucking apartment ever. We have had bed bugs from August till now close to end of November. We've had spraying every two weeks and activity is still ongoing. My skin is now damaged from several bites. We threw out our couch. We threw out our box spring. All our clothes have been in bags these 4 months. Just a nightmare. Most disgusting place ever.

This is the worst fucking apartment ever. We have had bed bugs from August till now close to end of November. We've had spraying every two weeks and activity is still ongoing. My skin is now damaged from several bites. We threw out our couch. We threw out our box spring. All our clothes have been in bags these 4 months. Just a nightmare. Most disgusting place ever.

There are too many negative reviews for the reported problems not to be credible.

The property manager is VERY wary of applicants holding professional positions with good incomes.

Why might that be? Afraid of people who won't put up with the shoddiness reported here?

Have been dealing with a bedbug problem for one month now. Have had 2 treatments and am still experiencing a problem. Building was prompt with responding to the problem however I do not fully trust that it will be solved based on how many complaints found on this website. FRUSTRATED!!

We currently have bedbugs and management has engaged a pest control company to clean it up. Will report back when the problem is fixed.

I have bed bugs. I emailed management twice and phoned, nothing was done, I then had to get out of work early to go into the management office and even then I was told they would respond to me by email in 1-2 days!

I had to do some work on this building 77 davisville and looking in the garbage room and main floor I saw hundreds of cockroaches, mices and bedbugs mice feces everywhere, the super is too lazy, doesnt do anything, even asked for my help to do his job, STAY AWAY from this area, Specially this building! Disgusting, horrible!!

Tried to help my friend move Into this place a few months back. The apartment he was going to move into was absolutely infested with roaches. Didn't get a single box in there. Demanded his first and last back and got the heck out of there. Couldn't believe how disgusting it was. All the way through and into the back bedroom. Management says they'd spray but could take up to 6 weeks before they were fully gone. You don't pay $1400 to live with roaches. That's disgusting.

Hi, I was looking into this location and wondering if there are currently any issues with bed bugs? Any information would be helpful, thanks!

They brag about being in this Certified Rental Building Program, but it doesn't say anything about infestations and how quickly and effectively the building will take care of them. In other words, even with this CRBP, you're still not protected for what counts most.

sorry for my ignorance, i have got biten for around 2 months, i thought the bumps were allergy, since i have never seen or biten by bedbugs, until rescently my friend who is local told me that is bedbug bite, i am totally freaking out, i could not sleep, i covered all my face and body, but still got bite the next day, i am suffering, i have reported to the building management, waiting for their reaction, suffering now, cannot fall asleep, its 2 am :(

I've been living there for about 3 months now and I haven't come across anything. My friend's been living in another unit in the building for almost a year and hasn't seen anything either!

Considering moving in this building in june/july 2012, what's the situation with bed bugs this year???

i need some general info about this apartment cause i want to shift there can u explain it to the sentence for me,tanx

Killed a bedbug that was crawling on the wall next to the elevator buttons on my floor!!!

Two days ago discovered bed bugs invasion into our apartment. Steamed all beds and used lavender oil
to scare them away. Will contact management today.
Did not have them before (i.e for 5 years).
Management must DO something about the whole building. It is not possible to fight these bugs locally !!! Disgusting !!!

hi there, I am thinking of moving to this building. Is anyone aware of the current status of the bedbugs situation in this buidling? Is the problem still there? many thanks

I'm thinking about moving into this building in January, but these reports are a bit frightening. Does anyone know what the current status is with regards to bed bugs in the building??


I am updating the registry about the situation I experienced.
The management have been more than wonderful, they have brought the pest control company over 3 times in a month, they treated the apartment with chemicals, steaming, and even brought in a dog to discover if the problem is still there.

I lived in the apartment for an extra month and a half after the treatment and i DIDN'T SEE a single bed bug after that.

I then moved to another apartment in the same building and it is

bed bug free. Also, every neighbor I've met told me they never saw them.

However, I am really really happy with the management, they were very nice and considerate, they even paid for the pesticides I personally bought, they brought someone to help me move, they paid for my internet connection move...

Bottom line is rest assured if you have any problems in this building, the management will be on your side and the building is really worth moving in to.

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Is the problem still persisting? I am thinking of moving into this building and I want to confirm before making a commitment.

I just noticed bed bugs last night in my unit. I told the management this morning and they gave me a form for bed bug treatment. The form is about things I have to do before and after the treatment.
They said that the treatment will be in the next week. I was on the net searching methods to fight bed bug when I found out about this page.
I post this to let other tenants here know the problem still exists.

I got a notice from the management saying that they were spraying my suite for "preventative treatment for bedbugs". I don't have a problem at this point, so I'm wondering where the issue is coming from. What's going on? Anyone else receive a notice like this lately?

I just saw and squished a fully grown bed bug crawling on one of the counters in the laundry room. No sign of them in my apartment but I'll be on the lookout from now on. Disgusting!

Well, the management were proactive about it. They admit it there is a problem and they tried to solve it before they rent it to us. They said they have sprayed the place three times and that the pest control company confirmed to them bed bugs were gone.

However, they immediately called them again and the place was sprayed yesterday.

On the other hand, they offered to give me my money back but i have to move out by 15 of September which is impossible. Or to give me another unit once anyt

hing is available. Also, they offered to pay for all the caulk and spray I bought and the cleaning.

At the moment, I am still living in the bed bug hell, hoping they all died until we move out soon.

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I am a tenant in this building and I haven't had a problem yet but these reports are very upsetting to hear. Can any of you tell me what is being done to solve this problem? Is there anything that we can do together?!

Unfortunately, I found this registry too late.


we have moved in to the apartment you mentioned, and found many many bed bugs every where as you mentioned. Now our clothes and furniture is infected.

Yesterday was our first night.. I have over 20 bites and my body is suffering. I spent the first night awake till 6 AM just sealing the cracks and spraying Raid all over. Tomorrow I am going to the management and I believe the same story of Natalia will repeat. Who will pay for al

l the damaged clothes and furniture, and all the stuff I bought to fight those creatures.

Please NATALIA, if you read this......
I need to contact you because I need your testimony to get my money back and move out from here. This is my email: [email protected]

The management lied to me and said the people before me had to move out because of an Emergency back home. They knew it has this problem and never told us.

The apartment is 2108 .... NEVER RENT IT
Actually, NEVER rent in this building as the people running it are liars.

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Management really should advise all residents of this situation so we can collectively combat the issue -- rather than ineffectively try to solve it on a case by case basis. It's ridiculous that people's furniture/beds/clothes have to be ruined before management acts. If prevention is the key, I say bug-bomb the entire building, tenants caulk your baseboards and seal as many gaps as

possible, and just be attentive to the situation.

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OMG! I leave here for a few month and found bedbugs all over the apartment. By body is inching and I have many red spots. First time I saw a bed bug was on a wall, then I examined my mattress and bed frame and found about 20 or 30 of them of all sizes. The management said that they are surprised and they’ve never have this problem, but today I found out through reading this website that it is infestation. The building is full of it an they have to treat the whole building, not just signa

l apartments. This ppl are so cheep and greedy. What are we paying for????????????????????????????????? it is disrespectful and humiliating to rent our such a discussing place!!!

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We just moved on 1 of July on 21 floors. In the 1 night we found 3 bugs on our bed at once. And during the next hour we killed another 6 or 7, climbing in to the bed. That night we had to move to parent’s house.
If we saw 10 bugs in the first night as soon as we moved, how many bugs are there????!!! I am honestly shocked, as i have never seen them or had them. First thing in the morning, we went to the management office. The lady (receptionist) with short hair and glasses said that they

don’t have bed bugs in the building and we brought them and refuse to do anything. It is a false! After argue she call to someone in order to get rid of the bugs. So they supposed to come today. every 10 - 15 min i foung a bed bag in the bedroom; on the floor, on the walls, on the bed... everywhere. I cannot believe it.
i very very upset and disgusted! And we are going to request either another apartment ASAP or we are moving out, as I don’t think it's possible to get rid of bed bugs is possible when they in such amount. It’s stressful, painful and cause lots of problems.

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To Anon who posted last month (June 2011), what happened after 2 weeks had passed? Are you still having a problem? Did the management sort it out well? Are other tenants complaining? I was considering this building! Would you advise against it at this point?

We have moved in to this building on June 1st, 2011, and a few days later we started seeing welts on us. We looked in the apartment all over for anything that could bite like that and eventually found bed bugs all over the bed and bed frame, as well as living room sofa. We reported it and a specialist treated our apartment only, but not the entire floor. They have to come back for a follow up in two weeks, but we are afraid that unless the entire floor be treated they will come back.

I apologize. I misunderstood Mr. Anonymous comment. SO there have been a Bed Bug report in this building.
Is there any other incident? I am considering this building as a prospect accommodation in Toronto.

I have a question for Mr. Anonymous who commented on 07/26/2010

so basically you didn't see the bug yourself, and just made a (blind) guess about it, right?

Moved in just 2 weeks ago and found a bed bug this evening in my bed. Had noticed a red welt on my leg that appeared a few days ago which I now realize is a bite. Completely freaked out and disgusted!!

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