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Not bedbug in the building.However, unprofessional super in charge keeping building dirty ,she never clean elevators,corridors never vacuumed and every floor has open doors even in coldest winter's days.Super expend her time in the lobby every morning talking and drinking coffee with constructors that suppose come to work in the building and she never answer the phone or pay attention to tenants request if she answer the phone she tell that is head office duty and we have to call them.
Front bu

ilding is a free parking to super cars of friends .Laundry area is a mess machines are the most dirty part of the building and if you do no take your clothes soon should be stolen because basement is full of people living 6 or 7 in one basement. Unsafe building with front and back door always open .
Finally,building could be in good understanding if we have a professional and responsable super in charge

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No bed bugs, no bugs at all and the sweetest super u can have; Irene is the mother goose of the building and I have been here more than three years. She keeps the building very clean and takes care of any concerns I could possibly have,,,she always in the lobby cleaning and talking to tenants.

moved here from building down the street, upgraded to a one bedroom; I'm on my 11 th month and no evidence of any roaches or any other pests, the manager Irene keeps the building clean and the tenants too seem clean as well. The super is always around and understand she's been there for years , I guess thats good.There are a lot of aged people in the building whom one I have spoke had been there for over 52 years...didn't the building was that old...he had some great stories.

been in the building for two years, the super Irene is very sweet and always takes care of my concerns, lovely building inside and superb location my biggest complaint is it seems every single girl has to have a lilltle dog; I assume it's not a big or pressing issue and not really enforceable to remove but just saying. I live in a one bedroom and like it very much

I've lived in the building for a couple of years. Have had no problems so far, no bugs or roaches at all. Love the area and building's landlord lady is super nice.


I have been living in this building for the last 8 months and I have had no problems. I suggested the building to a friend who is looking and she brought the negative reviews to my attention. I have not seen any bugs in my unit, and no problems with management. I don't have a car, so no idea what the parking situation is like. I hope this helps

Hi everyone..I am moving Jan 1st to a bachelor on the 9th floor..

I never had to deal with any kind of bugs...now i am scared that I will get hit with roaches or bed bugs ..

I have a friend who lives on the first floor and she seems pretty happy so far

is this building really infested?

Not that bad...New ugly lights in the hallways. Never had bed bugs myself in 5 years. Very occasional roach. I miss the racoons since they got bins with lids. They were cute. Yes maintenance bad. Lots of leaking pipes. Half-assed temporary repairs. Doors always left open. No notice when they enter your unit. Great area and great deal for thew area. And you can bbq on your balcony!!!

rads bursting in middle of winter and no help supplied to tenants. Your floors get flooded and they do nothing. Your walls get molded due to burst pipes in wall and no fixing. Raccoons every night in garbage bins..they never put lids on the bins, I had mice, roaches in my apt and bed bugs too. Filthy dirty building. They let in anyone and everyone and there are a lot of bad folk living there and once in hard to evict the bad tenants. Wynn is known as the biggest slumland lord in Toronto and

the Rental board and Tribunal knows them well. If you want ANYTHING ever to be fixed give them a written notice and of course nothing will be fixed so call the building inspector...it's amazing how fast things get done after a call to an inspector. Eveything about this building, Wynn and their rude live answering machine secretaries is HORRIBLE!!!!

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I just visited anice appartment in that building. However I did notice it was old and crumbling in some areas.
Does anyone have anything to say about bed bugs in 2012? I am moving out of a superb building with no sanitary issue whatsoever.
I really loved the unkt I saw, it seemed fresh, but I am concerned about what could be hiding in the walls.

This building is not well maintain, dirty and does not have heat. It is very cold in the winter. I do not recomend it to anybody. If I knew it before I moved here, I would not have move here. I am just waiting for my lease to be over. I can not stay here any more.

This is the worst building ever. Do not move in! Everything breaks, people still you belongins, the building manager is very unprofesional. There is bedbugs, bedbugs, racoons everywhere.... What else to say?...

I have been living there for many years. Had mice problems and a few roaches before. I did see a rat outside once too.. I haven't seen anything in 2011 but the building is falling into disrepair. Wynn family management is horrible and same with the building landlord. Don't expect anything to be remotely fixed or any notice when they feel like entering your apartment. I had many issue with my animals missing after workers entered the apartment. Luckily I did find them either outside or in someone

else apartment.

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i have no bed bug report but the building is kept very poorly and awful management dont move in terrible idea i live there now and am desperate to get out of my lease

Has anyone else experienced this problem recently? I am considering moving in here but I'd like to know if this is a widespread problem in the building or an isolated incident.

Definitely agree. Wynn management is aweful. Would never deal with them again if they were giving out rooms for free.

bed bugs bed bugs bed bugs
wynn family is the worse company i have ever dealt with and cannot wait to get out of this hole

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