25 Lascelles Blvd
Toronto, ON M4V

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Hi everyone,

I lived in 25 Lascelles Blvd from 2013-2014. I was awakened one morning with bites on my elbow and lower back. I wasn't sure what had bitten me, so I went to my physician who informed me that it was bed bug bites. When I confronted the rental office, they informed me that they have had other complaints and that one of their vendors would come inspect my unit, and, if they found bed bugs during the inspection, they would do the necessary treatments in 14 days. They expected that

I lived in my unit and continue to be bitten until the inspection. They also informed me that this would need to be done at my cost. I called the city Public Health who informed me that the rental company needs to pay for the treatment as they are liable, and that the treatment must be done within a reasonable time frame, which, we can all agree that 14 days is not. I then called and secured an exterminator in the city who was available for the same day treatment. I returned to building manager who told me that I had to use their specific vendor or that I was responsible for the cost of spraying the unit. Since I did not want to wait for 14 days, I decided to pay for my own exterminator. After talking to another building manager at 23 Lascelles, it turns out that the bedbugs were coming into my unit from the outlets (plugs) and that is how they had gotten into my unit. I have since left the property and would not recommend it. They will give you incentive to live there (free first month) but unless you are prepared to live with critters, I would stay away from this place.

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