11 Yorkville Ave
Toronto, ON M4W

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I would like to bring to your attention a case of racist behavior from the superintendent of building 11 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4W 1L2: Adrian Morina.

I came by on the 18th of December to view the vacant apartment, fell in love, went home with the application package and spent hours filling it out and calling references. I came back the next day on December 19th at 2:15 PM to submit my application. Throughout my exchange with Adrian, I maintained a friendly and professional attit

ude towards him but in return I was only met with discrimination, rudeness and disrespect.

While signing my application form for submission, I queried to him the meaning of back-to-back rent since I had never heard of this term before. He blew in an outburst. I asked the reason for his anger and his perception was that I was asking crazy questions and since I am “educated” I should know this. At this point I realized that I do not wish to conduct further business with this person and decided to leave. I tried to take my application package which contained my offer letter and references but he snatched them from me. I was chased out by curses and remarks such as “Did you forget where you come from?” (I am south Asian). Adrian’s behavior can be attributed to that of a gorilla in a jungle, it was very amusing because he is quite small. Nonetheless, he came very close to psychically assaulting me.

I was shocked by such rude and unprofessional behavior. I would strongly advice anyone looking to move into this building to watch out for this lunatic.

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