130 Rosedale Valley Rd
Toronto, ON M4W

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I have lived in this building for 23 years and have never encountered a bedbug, nor heard of anyone else in the building having bedbugs.
After reading other submissions to this Registry I talked with several neighbours and no one has had any problems with bedbugs ( I specifically talked to everyone on the second floor)

Yes, even Rosedale has bedbugs.

I lived on the second floor for just over one year. One bedroom was so badly infested that we were instructed to throw out the mattress. Disgusting.

Even after the treatment, I saw bedbugs crawling through cracks and seams in the walls.

The building is infected.

i posted that note from anonymous, at the time it was true. there were at least two other infestations than mine. however, they got on it, WE the tenants got on it and there hasn't seemed to be any recurrences... and i am in the same suite i ever was.

I have lived in this building for 6 years and have not encountered a bedbug nor have I heard any other resident mention bedbugs. My apartment unit has never been inspected for bedbugs.

I live in this building and, contrary to the comment from Anxious, the whole building has NOT been inspected. We've received no inspection nor notification that bed bugs were found in this building or what is being done to combat them.

February 3, 2012
All apartments were checked by a professional today; there were none in mine and I'm in the _08 line of suites. Whew!

I know of at least two infestations in this building and I further know that the building is not doing enough to combat it. Treating the affected units with spray but no heat and none of the surrounding units or halls.

Expect more bugs.

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