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Super doesnt even exist. Lazy cleaning lady that just hobbles around. the garbage shoot still has cocoons of bugs in the door wedges. Always smells like someone deficated in the hallway. The front enterance has constant hobos urinating in it (they hang out in asquith park across the street) where the garbage bins are. Crazy

Oddly, I've lived at 40 Asquith since 1995, and, for a downtown apartment building, it is as clean and maintained as anyone might expect. Indeed, when I first moved in, the super(s) also lived here, and the elevators and common spaces were immaculate by 7:30 AM every day; then they changed policy, and the present super is good for wetting the floors and mowing the carpets (at her leisure at some point during the day); but that's all. Try some so-called tony midtown places in Manhattan for compa

rison and you will quickly appreciate Asquith. Boy, will you.

Having grown up in high-end Forest Hill, this building is fine. I, as well, had a bed bug infestation - likely due to a NYC visit - but the THC quickly reacted and the bugs were soon gone. An unfortunate druggy lived on my 7th floor for some years and THC moved heaven and earth to evict her, but what with the landlord/tenant laws, she hung on until this summer of 2015 before finally being ousted (or moving on her own accord).

In short, the ocassional rubbies in the stairways have been dealt with by security patrols, there's never been a police action, and the folks living here are kindly - young families, retired, and very nice tenants with wheelchair disablities - and all minding their own business or keenly interested in the place. As well, infrastructure (such as a leaking pipe waterfall above my bathroom this summer) are dealt with by THC in a reasonable time.

The only reasoned (and important) complaint is not having a live-in super - one with more than superficial skills at maintenance. The 2 previous supers were a real loss to the building. Our present person, I agree, is lazy, knows nothing, she is something of a dope.

Otherwise, we all live in what amounts to $500-$600 grand apartments at Yonge/Bloor. To confirm, just walk over to the new, glass fall-apart condos next door and just to the south and and west and see what these poor suckers are paying (or their renters are forced to pay). Yikes! We're at the hub of a dynamic city, paying a pittance [check NYC, Chicago or San Fran rents] and we worry about ONE crazy old hoarder? Settle, kids.

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Hi there

I moved to this building a year ago and I never ever had any
Issue my place is very clean it's true that there's this crazy lady
Keep bringing every single thing she find on the street I spoke to management few times to stop her but nothing happened!!!
I know it's a bad reputation for us( tenants) but we can't evict anyone we just live there and pay the rent like everyone else
But I'm sure they will do something about it this summer
Over all I say it's a lovely location .
We a

lso must be clean so the staff will help us to get over any problem in the building .

Good luck

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This is one of the worst place to live, A crazy lady live in the 16 floor ,she brings all kind of crap to the bldg and Management just given excuses
stay away from that place

There's an article about the situation here in the Star:This is a part:
“On November 2, 2011, Staff visited your apartment and found it to be shockingly substandard state of cleanliness . . . Moreover, we suspect that your unit is the source of the bedbug infestation in the building. We scheduled a bedbug treatment to be do on November 16, 2011.”

What is to be do?

“On that day we were unable to do the treatment in your unit, as you had block

ed off the entrance to your unit with a 2x4.”

I don’t think she’s capable of barring a door with a 2x4, and while you may forgive the errors in grammar, I cannot possibly forgive the bullying of an elderly deaf woman who is alone and in need of help, especially when help is so easily available....


I don't know if a link can be posted here. So if it doesn't work, copy and paste the URL if you want to see it.

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Hello there

I'm new in the building just got here but honestly I have nothing in my place very clean and if there's anything in the building there must be brought by this old lady she goes everywhere in the city pick up garbage bring it to the floor where I'm I have seen her every single week at least 10 times going deeply into garbage when I asked few tenants they said that she's mentally sick. Management must do something about it they should put her in a home stay otherwise we will suffer

and tenants will move out I have seen at least few people putting white powder in the hall way but honestly have no clue about it thought cleaning carpet.


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Sept 16, 2007: Please, please ignore "Anonymous on 08/16/2011" - this IS NOT a good building at all!!!! It's dangerous and filled with bed bugs, centipedes, silver fish and DIRTY!!!! Except for living at Yonge / Bloor it is a major headache!! Mgmt WON'T do ANYTHING about the bedbugs issue except spray the UNIT that complains NOT the surrounding units and the bedbugs are spreading fast...you can carry an egg into your apt. by riding in the elevator with someone who has the problem. 16th, 10t

h, 2nd and 13th floor is INFESTED with bedbugs.....and the building is NOT well maintained - come take a look after the super leaves at 4pm...someone actually moved out last year because his girlfriend got held up with a GUN!! NO SECURITY...DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY!!!

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Random bugs from neighbouring units. bed bugs, centipedes. i had to put talc everywhere after cleaning my place and the bugs got stuck in it. Ive steam cleaned everything.

Super doesnt even exist. Lazy cleaning lady that just hobbles around. the garbage shoot still has cocoons of bugs in the door wedges. Always smells like someone deficated in the hallway. The front enterance has constant hobos urinating in it (they hang out in asquith park across the street) where the garbage bins are. Crazy

old lady that throws paper in the corners of th elevators every weekend (recipets of shoppers drug mart are the most prominent papers). I placed a work order a year ago and it wasnt fulfilled. Water dripping from the unit causing their crappy wood tiles inside beside the inefficient units to buckle and crack.

Hobos everywhere (in the stairwell, in the hallways, infront of heater units). Non existent security. Underground parkade has not been cleaned since the 80s. If i was a female i would not want to live in this building. Building mix is young professional (20-25%), 50% crazy old people that should be in a home because they cant take care of themselves (its a shame) and 25% hobos, marijuana smokers and alcoholics. Oh yeah and there are drug deals that happen right on the street.

You are only paying for the location and to save for your own place.

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There's a great fear of bedbugs on the 16th floor. Some tenants covered the floor in front of their doors with diatamaceous earth. Management vacuumed that away, Sept 8. Seven or eight apartments are known to be infected.

40 Asquith is a Dump.Bedbugs,hoarders living in the bldg and Toronto Housing doing Nothing,Homeless sleep in the stairs I need to get out this place

40 Asquith Avenue managed by the TCHC is a nice building in which to live, contrary to what others say.

The building is well maintain and, yes, there are those who have experienced infestation of bedbugs. However, once reported TCH does act fast to bring in the professionals to have the infested unit (s) treated.

Asquith Park is one of the finest locations in which to live in the downtown core.

For the last 11 months there has been reports of bedbugs on different floors.

Though this is a great downtown location (Yonge / Bloor), right beside Yorkville, it is NOT a great building to live in. It is a Toronto Comm Housing and 80% are market renters and 20% are subsidized units; but Mgmt treats everyone like they pay $200/month for rent!

You will constantly find homeless people sleeping in the stairways if they cannot find a mattress outside to sleep on(and god, knows what they a

re bringing into the bldg!.

Various units have complained about bedbugs, house centipedes, infestation of spiders and silvr fish.

The location is not worth giving up your sanity and loss of furniture due to bed bug problem!

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